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Thousands of Users Private Information Exposed by Another Flaw in

Thousands of Users Private Information Exposed by Another Flaw in


Thousands of Users' Private Information Exposed by Another Flaw in Instagram

... earlier this year discovered an issue with Instagram's website in which source code for some user profiles contained private contact information not ...

Google hid major Google+ security flaw that exposed users' personal information

Instagram Website Flaw Exposed Users' Phone Numbers and Email Addresses

Google hid major Google+ security flaw that exposed users' personal information - The Verge

Facebook says it exposed hundreds of millions of passwords

Google is killing Google+ after security flaw exposed user information

Private contact data of millions of Instagram users was reportedly exposed – BGR

A flaw in Google's bug database exposed private security vulnerability reports

A flaw in Shopify API flaw exposed revenue and traffic data of thousands of stores

Report Says Grindr Exposed Millions Of Users' Private Data, Messages, Locations

Researcher Says Instagram Website Flaw Exposed Users' Phone Numbers and Email Addresses

A report claims Google exposed the private data of hundreds of thousands of users of its

How a software glitch allowed app developers to potentially access Google+ user data

A flaw on the Instagram website leaked phone numbers and emails for months

The data privacy scandals just keep coming for Facebook: the social network has revealed a flaw in its code that could have exposed the private photos of up ...


Google headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, on Sept. 14, 2018.

Google Plus Will Be Shut Down After User Information Was ExposedGoogle Plus Will Be Shut Down After User Information Was Exposed

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cybersecurity-hacking-7. The exposure appeared to include contact information for thousands ...

A vulnerability in the Google+ social network exposed the personal data of “ hundreds of thousands” of people using the site between 2015 and March 2018, ...

Google+ is Shutting Down After a Vulnerability Exposed 500,000 Users' Data

Another Facebook bug may have exposed millions of users' private photos to app developers

Huge Facebook breach leaves thousands of other apps vulnerable

Google announces privacy changes after thousands have personal information exposed

Millions of Facebook passwords exposed internally

Cobalt Strike Bug Exposed Thousands of Malware C&C Servers

Facebook stored hundreds of millions of passwords in plain text

A redacted screenshot of one of many millions of sensitive records exposed by First American's Web site.

... being sent by USPS commercial customers, the flaw let any logged-in usps.com user query the system for account details belonging to any other users, ...

Facebook user data exposed on Amazon cloud computing servers

A bug in Google+ exposed the data of hundreds of thousands. Google covered it up

Shaw-owned carrier Freedom Mobile has experienced a security flaw, leaking sensitive data related to the carrier's customers. However, it remains unclear ...

Google ...

Another security issue for Facebook.

The Facebook Hack Exposes an Internet-Wide Failure

The design fault in the NDIS interface allowed any participant or registered provider to essentially raise

Here's the alert Facebook will show users impacted by the latest software bug. Facebook

Fortnite Security Flaw Exposed 80 Million Accounts

A hacker has exploited Facebook's Graph Search to collect a database of thousands of phone numbers and Facebook users. Both parties agree that all the ...

A person browsing a website

British and Canadian Governments Accidentally Exposed Passwords and Security Plans to the Entire Internet

... its global activity map after a pair of reports from De Correspondent and Bellingcat (via ZDNet) pointed out flaws in the app's privacy settings ...

insecure airline check in

MF3d via Getty Images. More than 90 companies inadvertently exposed hundreds ...

facebook instagram bug exposed passwords facebookpasswordbreach

data exposure shopify e-commerce program

Quest Diagnostics says 12 million patients may have had their personal information exposed

Facebook reveals security breach affects up to 50 million accounts

Garmin's Navionics exposed data belonging to thousands of customers

Samsung, Crucial's Flawed Storage Drive Encryption Leaves Data Exposed

Security flaws in popular password managers exposed 60m users worldwide

Google for months kept secret a bug that imperiled the personal data of Google+ users

Google+ Will Shut Down After Possible User Data Breach, Report Says | Fortune

Covert 'Replay Sessions' Have Been Harvesting Passwords by Mistake

Report – Gearbest Hack: Hundreds of Thousands Affected Daily by Huge Data Breach

Social media giant Instagram has been the subject of two significant data breaches in the one week, with the private details of users found to be easily ...


Facebook's security flaws exposed more than Facebook — here's what (little) you can do

“The mobile app connects to a Wi-Fi access point on the tub. We bought a few spares for research” reads the analysis published by Pen Test Partners.

At Blind, a security lapse revealed private complaints from Silicon Valley employees

Nametests.com, the website behind the quizzes, recently fixed a flaw that publicly exposed information of their more than 120 million monthly users — even ...

A person holds an iPhone displaying the Facebook app logo in front of a computer screen

Academics at the University of Cambridge distributed the data from the personality quiz app myPersonality to hundreds of researchers via a website with ...

In theory, the protocol is supposed to be significantly more secure than its predecessor, protecting internet users ...

Facebook Hack Included Search History and Location Data of MillionsFacebook Hack Included Search History and Location Data of Millions

SinVR, a virtual reality porn app with 20,000 members, had a security flaw that

Thousands of iOS and Android apps are leaking your information

Exclusive: Audit cleared Google privacy practices despite security flaw

Google failed to flag exposure of user data over fears of regulatory scrutiny

In theory, every website could have requested this data. Note that the data also includes a 'token' which gives access to all data the user authorised the ...

Illustration for article titled Quiz App Left 120 Million Facebook Users' Data Exposed as Recently

Hacker hijacks thousands of publicly exposed printers to warn owners

Details on 80 million US households exposed by unprotected cloud database | ZDNet

What's Behind the WhatsApp Flaw: Unpalatable Truths Revealed

'Hundreds of millions' of Facebook users' passwords were visible to its employees. '

How Updates in iOS 13 and Android Q Will Change Your Smartphone

In latest blow to Facebook, 540 million user records exposed by third-party apps

Uber Technologies Inc. Operations As Judges Take Aim At Gig Economy

Google shutting down Google+ after exposing data of up to 500,000 users

NameTests wants to know who you are so they ask nametests.com/appconfig_user, but any other website could do that as well.

Big scoop: Google Exposed User Data, Feared Repercussions of Disclosing to Public ...

The company says it did not find any evidence that any personal information was misused.

google api permissions

2018 Data Breaches – The Worst of Last Year

Around 120,000 people are estimated to suffer from Lewy Body Dementia in the UK

The New Kardashian and Jenner Websites Exposed the Data of Nearly 900,000 Users

Thomas Cook vulnerability potentially exposed personal data of 'hundreds of thousands' of fliers

An open block revealing digital coins within

... Facebook's been using your two-factor authentication phone number for ad targeting ...

Google to close its consumer social media platform, overhaul privacy rules after user data exposed