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The worlds most expensive vodka comes in a pure gold bottle VODKA

The worlds most expensive vodka comes in a pure gold bottle VODKA


Bar owner Brian Ingberg is quoted as saying the stolen bottle was one that replicated the

Top 10 Most Expensive Vodkas In The World – Exclusive Limited Editions | Discover more: www.bocadolobo.com

A diamond-encrusted $1.3 million bottle of vodka, which featured on 'House of Cards,' was stolen in an audacious robbery in Denmark

RussoBaltique vodka

Vallure raises a toast with the world's most luxurious vodka in pure gold bottle -

Magnum Grey Goose Vodka – $815.00

Beluga Gold Line Vodka Leather Box

Belver Bears Vodka

Each bottle is beautifully decorated with wintry pictures of grey geese and they sell for $815 a bottle, making them one of the most expensive Vodkas on the ...

Most Expensive Vodkas #mostexpensivevodka $1.4

House of Cards Season 3 Features $750,000 Solid Gold Bottle of Vodka: Is It Real

An undated photograph of the bottle of Russo-Baltique vodka which was stolen from Cafe

Russo-Baltique unveils world's most expensive vodka, at $1.3 million a piece -

DIVA Premium Vodka

Image. A bottle of Vodka ...

Russian Standard Gold, 40%: £22 for 70cl, Waitrose

Vallure Gold Standard Vodka

World's Top 100 Best High-End Luxury Vodka Brands

Vodka. Sure, you can spot certain differences between brands, or the hints of change between potato and grain vodkas, but really, at the core of ...

Stolen €1.3mn gold-plated vodka bottle found empty at building site

Vallure Gold Standard Vodka


Billionaire Vodka. Topping our top 10 most expensive vodka list is the ...

'World's most expensive' bottle of vodka worth almost £1million 'stolen' from bar - World News - Mirror Online

The World's Most Expensive Bottle of Vodka Was Stolen From a Danish Bar

Dartz auctions world's most expensive vodka and caviar at Cannes 2015

Purity Vodka

Belver Bears Belvedere Vodka

10 Top Shelf Vodka Brands that are Actually Worth a Damn


most expensive vodkas most expensive vodkas Top 10 Most Expensive Vodkas In The World – Exclusive


Smirnoff vodka, however, is going against this trend with the introduction of Smirnoff Gold that has a hint of cinnamon flavouring and floating flakes of ...

Let's Get Cheap - Vodkas Around $10

11 Things You Should Know Before You Drink Vodka Ever Again

Black Cow Vodka, 40%: £28 for 700ml, Sainsbury's. The world's first pure ...

Picture of Smirnoff Gold Vodka 700ml

Celebrate Vodka Day With These 5 Vodkas That'll Cost You More Than Your House!

The World's 8 Most Expensive Liquors (Including One That Costs $3.5 MILLION)

Best Vodkas

The best vodka 2019

billionaire vodka

This would be one of the bottles where it would be a debate as to whether or not you are paying $4300 for the bottle or it's contents.

Top 10 World's Most Extravagant Vodka Bottles Costing an Arm and a Leg

World's Most Expensive Water Bottle-$2,200-Each bottle supposedly contains spring water gathered from France and Fiji, glacier water from Iceland, ...

Royal Dragon Vodka Presents World's Most Valuable Bottle of Vodka, The Eye of The Dragon

I Tasted Donald Trump's Defunct Golden Vodka

11 Top-Rated Vodkas

World's most expensive liquor jigger. 1.29lbs solid gold & 8 carats of G-VS diamonds. Luxury gold barware. Alcohol Jigger DeMer Jewelry.

Best vodka: Our lowdown of the very best vodkas you can buy right now | Expert Reviews

Best Potato Vodkas

Pernod Ricard is starting a national roll out of Absolut Lime, the vodka brand's first

Royal Dragon Vodka is the most recent attempt to tap into the “liquor for people who can afford a trip into space” market, and they don't fuck around.

Russian Vodka Taste Test: Putting 6 Brands To The Ultimate Test

Buy the world's most expensive vodka, get the world's most tasteless SUV free

Heisenberg (Limited Edition) Breaking Bad Blue Ice Vodka

Russian Standard® Gold Giving Away A Gold Bar Once A Week For Rest Of 2019!

Most Expensive Vodka

The 20 Best Selling Vodka Brands In The World

666 Pure Tasmania Vodka (700ml)

lakes vodka bottle The ...

Black Cow Vodka

When we think of the world's most expensive alcoholic drinks, what do you think of? Champagne? Wine? Vodka? Rum? Scotch? Tequila? The answer is all of the ...

Customers can find the premium, award-winning Ignis Vodka 70cl bottle in Lidl stores

Police in Copenhagen, Denmark, are investigating after what is thought to be the world's most expensive bottle of vodka was stolen from a bar.

Cafe 33 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the bottle was (Image: REX/Shutterstock)

1. Middle West Distillery, OYO

Kors Vodka 24K, George V Edition

Super premium: (from left) Van Gogh vodka, Ciroc vodka, Belvedere, Grey Goose andVox. Vodka gets most of its unique qualities from water.

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most expensive vodkas most expensive vodkas Top 10 Most Expensive Vodkas In The World – Exclusive

(Images courtesy of Vallure Vodka)

Popular Vodka Brands


Jewel of Russia Ultra Vodka (Hand-painted Bottle)

Bottles come in five, seven and 10-litre formats.