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The Orangutan Project on Instagram Sassy 4 year old Bobina was

The Orangutan Project on Instagram Sassy 4 year old Bobina was


The Orangutan Project on Instagram: “Sassy 4 year old Bobina was having SO much

Adoption Update: Popi 🐵 Little Popi is increasingly active in forest school outings 🌳 Popi has a distinct way of climbing trees in forest school.

theorangutanproject. Guess what! 😱 After years of striving to protect more rainforest in

It's Wild Wednesday 🌿 Released only a few month ago into the BTP jungle, Amoy is adapting well to life in the forest. She has been seen making day ...

Adoption Update: Cece 🐵 Exciting news – Cece is one step closer to

Katie 🎵 on Instagram: “How cute is she though?!?! 🐒 @monkeyworld_photos #monkeyworlddorset #monkeyworld #monkeysofinstagram #orangutans #sunday #dorset ...

Adoption Update: RIckina 🐵 Rickina continues to grow and develop her skills during her rehabilitation

Adoption Update: Rocky 🐵 Big guy Rocky 🐵 was again proving too bois. 4 days ago

Katie 🎵 on Instagram: “How cute is she though?!?! 🐒 @monkeyworld_photos #monkeyworlddorset #monkeyworld #monkeysofinstagram #orangutans #sunday #dorset ...

Little Alouise, the newest resident at COP Borneo has taken a liking to Annie, a four year old orangutan at COP Borneo ❤ Being so young, ...

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Handsome Joko has been seen hanging around the BTP station of late. Carers suspect he has his eye on one of the females who also frequents the station.

Instagram post by Max Morici • Mar 31, 2019 at 2:03pm UTC

Adoption Update: Rahayu 🐵 We are pleased to report that sweet Rahayu

Are you stuck for Mother's Day gift ideas!? 💝 What about giving your mum the special gift of an orangutan adoption? 🐵 Your special gift will not only ...

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Help us name the newest baby in the BTP forest! 💙🐵 Visit our Facebook

in exciting news, the team at sumatran orangutan conservation programme (socp) 🐵 have just transported five young orangutans to the socp reintroduction ...

Orangutans are now threatened with extinction, their status is no different from dominoes which are

“I love bananas, my family and my home”🍌 Every day, 300. “

2 weeks ago

Adoption Update: WIGLY 🐵 Great news!! 😊 Wigly has been moved to one

Orangutans on Instagram: “Orangutans!! #orangutnas #savetheorangutans # orangutan #savetherainforest

ever wondered how carers encourage the young orangutans to climb during forest school? the answer... ropes! 😊 in btp, a matrix of ropes have been set up ...

It's Wild Wednesday 🌿 It's school holidays here in Australia, so we couldn't

3 days ago

theorangutanproject. Warning❗ Cute photo, sad story.... 😔 and. 4 days ago

Trackers at the SOCP camp in BTP have encountered many unidentified males since Feb this year 🐵 This is great news for genetics in the region, ...

Reaching for the weekend like.. . . . . . . . #orangutanbaby

Media by theorangutanproject: Adoption Update: Happi 🐵 Happi is very independent during forest scho

the kids have been really into role play lately, and a popular theme is pirates & treasure. on the playground, they escape crocodiles, steer a ship, ...

Ame (Meicy) New IG on Instagram: “Meet Mema. Mema came in poor conditions, as a weak baby Orangutan weighing only 2.3 kilograms. A local villager claimed to ...

Orangutans reported as mammal with higher infant survival and longest birth intervals than any other mammal

It's Wildlife Wednesday, and here is a bit of sobering Wednesday wisdom about our attempts

The Man of the Forest. A male Orangutan hanging in the trees of Sarawak's rainforest

It's time to put the kettle on and settle down with a cup of

Partner Spotlight Borneo Nature Foundation Welcome news from our partner org @borneo.nature.

2 weeks ago. The little Kayan, young Male Orangutan, is two years old ...

Orangutan Follow for more pictures 📸🐵 #orangutans #orangutanmonkey #orangutansofinstagram #saveorangutan #

Me this morning: Peanut you want to come outside?! . Peanut: . 9 169. The Orangutan Project

... theorangutanproject - The Orangutan Project - We're raising vital funds throughout May & June

Like humans, #Orangutans are #GreatApes. They share 97% of


This Bornean Orangutan Mom usually only has one baby per breeding cycle. During the first

The carers at COP discovered that recently rescued orphan

Fighting for his home....🥺 . #orangutanlove #orangutanappealuk #sumatranorangutan


Simply NERO on Instagram: “Monday Feels... #palmoil #palmoilfree #shoppalmoilfree #nopalmoil #palmoilfreeproducts #palmoilfreesoap #palmoilfreefood…”

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The Orangutan Project · Do you remember Asha? 😢Well, you may need some tissues after reading this

Amongst all the rainforest destruction for palmoil plantations, there are a few safe havens for

Adoption Update: Citrawan 🐵 Carers say Citrawan is an invaluable member of the forest school

Perfect end to a day of #orangutans and #sunbears.

theorangutanproject. It took IAR rescue teams several days to rescue precious Monti 🐵 afte

Sumatran Orangutan⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 📍 Northern Sumatra⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⚠ . 3 20. The Orangutan Project


34/100 #the100dayproject #100endangeredspecies with @ptes_org | Orangutans . Only 10-

Orangutans face complete extinction within 10 years. The high demand on palm oil in our

The Semenggoh Nature Reserve does an incredible job by rescuing Orangutans and releasing them into the


lookorangutan. sssstttt #orangutanconservation #orangutans #theorangutanproject #savi

Palm Oil Free Certification on Instagram: “We want to see your photos and hear

On my Borneo trip with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic, Dr. Birute Galdikas took

We're very excited that an additional 39,000 acres of tropical rainfor

#Repost @bosfoundation • • • • • • [BREAKING] The East Kalimantan

3 weeks ago

Caught a flight to Borneo to see these beauties!

Nama saya Kiki Dara. Saya sudah ikut kampanye #OrangutanFreedom. Kamu sudah? Raih

theorangutanproject. "

Adoption Update: Gokong 🐵 Cheeky Gokong continues to flourish during his regular forest school 🌳

Are you hanging out for our adoption updates? Well never fear they will be here

O R A N G U T A N S🐵🌳 - The largest tree-dwelling animals on Earth, but how cute

The Orangutan Information Centre's Human-Orangutan Conflict Response Unit has worked with BKSDA Aceh to

Sahabat, pekan lalu bersama BKSDA Kalimantan Barat @bksdakalbar dan Taman Nasional Gunung Palung @

Kelly Renard on Instagram: “L'intensité d'un regard suffit à vous bouleverser <3 Tahura 💖💖💖 @zoodelaboissieredudore #orangoutang #greatapes #baby #zoo ...

building together and working together. developing a sense of collaborative thinking #reggioemiliaeducation . #reggioemiliaapproach #reggioinspired # ...

Today is Earth Day 🌏🧡 The theme for Earth Day 2019


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Happy International Bubble Day from Puteri! She knows the best way to celebrate is with

Orangutan Project · @OrangutanTOP. a month ago. Forest school 🌳 was very daunting at first for little Happi at first & he would

Orangutans 💛 Oranges Too! Adorable little Bonti and Popi (our adopted baby orangutan)

We're raising vital funds throughout May & June so we can safeguard the

3 weeks ago


a simple game of memory to match the number of dots to the numbers! this activity fired up sooo many skills! short term memory, number recognition, ...

Cleaning windows with Kayan and Tommy😂😍 . . . . . . . #

Sunday sleepy-head 😴 #theorangutanproject . . . . . #orangutans #sundays

Appaman Mini Puffer Jacket Brand new Appaman puffer jacket. Super warm and stylish! Cute

Our partners urgently need their on-ground teams to be well equipped with the latest

Pin de Virginia Brauer en APES | Baby zoo animals, Baby orangutan y Baby animals

Purse NWOT super cute gray Kipling bag, 3 sections and cute monkey toy (logo

[BREAKING] The Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation alongside the Bontang Natural Resources

Become a member of the enrichment team this summer and help care


Sore hari di sepanjang tepian sungai, banyak terlihat bekantan. . Bekantan (proboscis monkey

After giving away the first at Christmas I only

It's Wild Wednesday 🙊🌳 So what better time to share an update on