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Scrapped Brexit ferry deals to cost millions Political politeness

Scrapped Brexit ferry deals to cost millions Political politeness


UK government cancels Brexit ferry deals - BBC News

Why won't the remain parties work together for the EU elections?

The risks of Brexit are all too real

Anti-Brexit placards outside the Houses of Parliament in London. Photo: AP

A window cleaner cleans the 'Gibraltar stronger in Europe' campaign office in downtown of

A reader contacted one of them, Douglas Ross, and forwarded their exchange to us, because it raises enormous questions about the entire UK political system.

... minister who's spent two years negotiating a deal almost no one can get behind, ...

Brexit: the Farage trap

He was probably always a fool but there was a time when I counted him as a friend and I was too polite to tell him.

Otto Warmbier: Trump says he believes Kim Jong-un was unaware of torture

Cancelling Brexit is not the solution to the bile in the body politic

So it has proved with the Chequers plan for Brexit, which proposes staying in the single market for goods along with a complex “facilitated customs ...

Chris Grayling cancels ferry contracts at £50m cost to taxpayers

Wings Over Scotland

"I would anticipate that there would be checks," Mr Ross told reporters at a briefing on the Government's latest plans to deal with the UK crashing out of ...

Bennie Moten · Political politeness/impoliteness.

Labour MP Rob Marris and a plane in the sky

The campaign for a second EU referendum has always had a massive problem in that nobody in it can agree on what they want or what should happen.

Issue 1503

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So YouGov put that to voters, and the result was a wholly-predictable trainwreck which would tear the country apart. The results, which the pollster is ...

Not willing to leave the issue alone, the Telegraph recently ran an authored piece from Xavier Bertrand, president of the Hauts-de-France region of France, ...

Scrap piles at Tilbury port on Jan. 12.

EU officials are making plans for a "no deal" scenario in the event that the UK crashes out of the Brexit talks. This is according to Stefaan De Rynck, ...

Brexit: Government cancels contract with shipless ferry company Seaborne Freight

And alert readers may recall that the Tories' last bout of “fresh thinking” on welfare led to the calamitous and ruinous introduction of Universal Credit:

Grayling defends giving Brexit ferry contract to company with no ships

IN HER opening policy meeting as Scotland's first minister in 2014, Nicola Sturgeon left no doubt of her priority: education. Falling standards, clear from ...


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No Deal Brexit might bring back Wartime Rationing. What would Churchill do?

Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. Photo: Reuters

Brexit: Full transcript of the Revoke Article 50 debate in Parliament

Brexit deal latest: No 10 says 'more work to do' as May seeks

FOREMOST in the mind of many of those who voted to leave the European Union on June 23rd 2016 was a desire to reduce immigration.

Brexit: MPs call for UK minister's resignation over ferry fiasco

Brexit: John McDonnell pours cold water on May's customs union plan


The newspaper could have worked something out for itself. But, after decades of spoon-feeding, The Sunday Times needed a "leaked" report from government ...

Anna Lo on the Falls Road, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Photo: Peter

Several ferry sailings today Tuesday October 16th are cancelled, or are deemed liable to cancellation or disruption because of incoming poor weather ...

Political politeness/impoliteness. (7) Twitter

The prime minister bounced back from last month's humiliating rejection of her “Chequers” plan for Brexit by European Union leaders in Salzburg, ...

If the SNP were to vote for Theresa May's deal in exchange for a second indyref they'd be doing the rest of the UK a service by preventing a no-deal Brexit, ...

It was in July 2017 that Liam Fox triumphantly pronounced that the EU trade deal after Brexit should be the "easiest in history" to get.

Theresa May is going nowhere, so brace for a No Deal Brexit

Brexit and the cold war: Tuesday's best photos

Prime Minister Theresa May has appealed to politicians to take a stand for "decency,

Anti-Brexit demonstrators from Yorkshire demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament in central London on

JOHN MCDONNELL has spent much of his time as shadow chancellor playing down expectations of how radical a Labour government would be.

Farmers Guardian 16th November 2018 - Scottish by Briefing Media Ltd - issuu

EU and me: writers reminisce on their relationship with Europe

PK column in The National: Fishing should be high on the agenda in Scotland after independence

Political politeness/impoliteness. The president was critical of Brexit negotiations but says the US will stay out of Britain's

Britain's PM Theresa May still has not secured the votes needed to get her own,

Montage of Daily Express covers

BRITAIN is enjoying a jobs miracle. Its rate of unemployment is one of the lowest in Europe. Before long, and possibly as soon as the next release of data ...

Brexit: political variables. 04/01/2019

Crunch talks on how a "no deal" Brexit could impact East Kent were held at the Department for Transport this week. I organised the meeting on Tuesday ...

Why it's wrong to compare the SNP to hate-mongering Brexiteers – Joyce McMillan

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Anna Lo on the Falls Road, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Photo: Peter

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Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay visited the Port of Dover this week – and revealed the Government is looking to "enhance plans" at the border.

Further cuts to the fleet in “the year of the Royal Navy” ?

Bennie Moten · Political politeness/impoliteness.

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"Despite its reception elsewhere", Booker wrote for the Sunday Telegraph this week, "regular readers of this column will not be unfamiliar with the point so ...

Sophie Catherine Larroque

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But also for the second year in a row, one paper – or to be more specific, one man – took a rather more negative slant.

Gibraltar leader fears Spain sovereignty push over Brexit | South China Morning Post

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Arch Remainer and Conservative MP Anna Soubry also declared the Brexit proposal dead

Let the world be our oyster!


IT HAS been a testing year for Britain's 150,000 or so farmers. A summer heatwave scorched the broccoli and cauliflower crops.

READERS' LETTERS: A woman's place… is not in our Men's Sheds

UK Vol.131 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.49)

... defeated in the Commons on Brexit – who had backed Remain in 2016, many of whom now also support a new final say referendum on the outcome of Brexit .

This 17-acre scrap of Lindholm symbolises how a Scandinavian country once famed for liberalism

Liam Fox is plotting to scrap EU food standards to win a Brexit trade deal with Trump.

Navy News September 2018

MPs visit Port of Dover ahead of Brexit day

New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern is once again inspiring the hearts of the internet after


Labour and No 10 blame each other for lack of progress in talks on Brexit compromise – as it happened | Politics | The Guardian

The ...

Backing Brexit at the ballot box

The White House 'doesn't have an answer' on whether the noise from wind turbines causes cancer

Kent Police will receive a £23.6 million cash increase from April. The 8.1% boost in funding was confirmed by Home Secretary Sajid Javid after I lobbied ...