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Psychiatrists say these cartoons may help you understand your

Psychiatrists say these cartoons may help you understand your


The Feeling Test

Psychiatrists say these cartoons may help you understand your feelings | Business Insider

The Family Relationship Test (Psychobook) School Counseling, Relationship Test, Understanding Yourself,

house of personalities

You bypassed the usual self-help piffle to swim in deeper waters. Intuitively, you sense that this humble cartoonist holds the secrets to ...

How to Tell if You Should See a Psychiatrist Versus a Psychologist

A New Way To Get College Students Through A Psychiatric Crisis — And Back To School

7 Things You Should Know Before Your First Therapy Appointment

Illustration by John Holcroft

9 Signs Your Psychiatrist Isn't Right for You

Cartooning Course-How To Draw Cartoons Amazingly Well

What you need to know about mental health coverage

depression and pregnancy

A look at what would happen if we treated physical illness the same way many people treat mental illness. (Image credit: Robot Hugs / www.robot-hugs.com)

Here's your quick recap. Eat less and healthier. Exercise more. Sleep more. Drink in moderation (or not at all). Don't take drugs. Do these things and ...

Therapists Explain How Cartoons Affect Your Mental Health

People with mental illness can make psychiatric advance directives. We need to encourage them to do so

Postpartum psychosis: “I'm afraid of how you'll judge me, as a mother and as a person”

7 Ways to Find an Actually Affordable Therapist

Draw on past experiences with students, but don't necessarily rely on them. The start of the school year brings a fresh crop of children and teenagers with ...

This Is Your Brain on Cartoons

Why Psychiatrists Don't Share Personal Information with Patients

im sensing you may still have some boundary issues - counseling humor. sue unkel · psychiatrist cartoons

Who's making sure your mental health app is safe? No one, experts say

Sam Howzit/CC BY 2.0

A Doctor's Guide to a Good Appointment

All these dimensions, and the fact that I'm no longer a spring chicken, give me some perspective on the human condition.


Most students who have emotional or behavioral problems want to be successful in school, but have trouble controlling themselves, focusing, ...

'It's nothing like a broken leg': why I'm done with the mental health conversation

Psychology of Cartoons - Part 1: Scooby-Doo

Can Meditation Really Slow Ageing?

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If you dive into a relationship with a narcissist or consummate liar, it's probably going to be rough sledding.

Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center

Keep Calm and Vector / Shutterstock

Gordon Quigley's work

I'm a Psychiatrist. Making Gun Violence About Mental Health Is a Crazy Idea.

Illustration of a person sitting under a tree, looking off into the distance.

If only a pharmacist describing side effects was this exciting and optimistic, perhaps there would be less [albeit, usually valid] questions and concerns!

Everything I Wish I'd Known Before Starting Therapy

Or wish they'd send a thank-you note without your forcing them to do it? Empathy can be developed and encouraged in young people. Psychiatrist ...

Harley Schwadron for Reader's Digest

How income inequality affects our mental health

Lost someone to Fox News? Science says they may be addicted to anger


I Was Scared to Change Therapists. Here's Why I'm So Glad That I

Create habits to make exercise easier. Like leaving your jogging shoes by the door, as a visible cue. Join others. Use phone apps to measure progress.

Could Depression Be Caused By An Infection?

An illustration of a person and their mind, with clouds around it

The image of a patient reclining on a couch has become a cultural shorthand for psychotherapy, seen in cartoons, artwork, and magazines.

The Things You Should Know If You're Interested in Becoming a Psychiatrist | HuffPost


Moving as a child can change who you are as an adult

A profile of Donald Trump with the shape of a brain superimposed

15 Cartoons That Have Completely Different Meanings For Kids Vs Adults


“The only reason I'm even bringing this up is because you said you weren't sure about her in the first place,” Shauna reminds me. I can tell she regrets ...

How kids would react: I wish I had a pair of fairies too, then I can wish for anything I want :/


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Michelle Knight's work

Bipolar can be difficult to diagnose and even harder to treat - The Washington Post

As published in MUTHA MAGAZINE 7.13.18

Mental health labels can save lives. But they can also destroy them

Teachers bring a great deal of compassion to the table to start with, but it can be easy to let ...

How Japan came to believe in depression

Trump May Not Be Crazy, But the Rest of Us Are Getting There Fast

Mad in the UK

Quote on mental health stigma - I lie about being sick sometimes, because people understand

America needs more mental health providers. Nurses want to help, if states let them.

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How to Know if Your Abdominal Pain Is Physical or Mental

Professor Frink and Comic Book Guy

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have generated some very thoughtful comments and questions. One reader wanted to know more about the use of the couch in psychoanalysis.

The cartoonist's homepage, www.usatoday.com/opinion/

Getting serious about funny: Psychologists see humor as a character strength

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teens 15 to 19 years old,

When graphic novelist Peter Kuper discovered Mad magazine as a child, little did he realize that one day he would grow up to be a Mad artist.