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Nice doggy go ahead you can have the fish Funny Prehistoric

Nice doggy go ahead you can have the fish Funny Prehistoric


human and dog bond

Wolf, dog, dogman or some mysterious creature? Montanans look for answers



Prehistoric whales were dog-sized creatures with four legs and hooves

Humans have kept animals as pets since ancient times

Doggie Facts

You think you want this. You don't want this. Weird Animals

The Whale Shark Is a Small Fry Compared to Biggest Fish Ever

View image of Dogs certainly feel emotions (Credit: Dominik QN/CC by 2.0)

Roman mosaic of a dog, bearing the legend 'Cave Canem' underneath, from

14 Prehistoric Creatures You'll Be Glad Are Extinct

101 Dog Names Inspired By Historical Figures

sexual evolution - Earth is brimming with organisms that sexually reproduce—even stinkhorn fungi do

10 Abnormally Large Dogs In The World

5 Reasons to Revere, Not Fear, the Shark

Extinct Animals CAUGHT on Camera

Mary Anning smiling holding a fossil on a beach, with her dog.

Why Are They Called “Dog Days” of Summer?

21 Undeniable Truths Only Shiba Inu Pup Parents Understand

A fish called Tiktaalik swimming and walking in water. The ancient fish Tiktaalik as it might have looked walking on ...

49 of the Best Fishing Quotes of All Time. Wise and hilarious musings on one ...

10 National Parks You Can Actually Walk Through With Your Dog

From Jurassic Shark to Jaws, to Sand Sharks and Deep Blue Sea - the finest shark films of all time.

Pets in Ancient Egypt

Wolf, dog, dogman or some mysterious creature? Montanans look for answers

These bizarre creatures never fail to amaze. (Photo: Chai Seamaker/Shutterstock)

Bernese Mountain Dog


Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Don't actually let a cat play with yarn or string. Swallowing it can cause life-threatening internal injuries.


Mermaids Attacked By Giant Shark | Mermaids


bycatchA bigeye thresher shark (Alopias superciliosus) hooked on a longline as bycatch. NOAA

Why Carnivores Are Some of the Most Feared Animals on Earth


Click on me for cold-weather veterinary client knowledge and inspiration to get the blood flowing in winter.

Should You Avoid Grains in Dog Food?

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dogs And Puppies

Fox Photos/Getty Images

Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat-Simon de Myle-Wikimedia Commons.jpg

ancient af 3


"Passenger Pigeons once migrated through Canada, the United States, and the Gulf of "

No 'lost tribes' or aliens: what ancient DNA reveals about American prehistory

Weird kitty cat memes

Dog bite

30 Motivational Stories To Push You Forward In Life

A wolflike creature was stalking livestock in Montana. Authorities have no idea what it is.

A. Gennari

... Activists use a dog carrying a basket with a message in Chinese "Child for sale

Sharks Love To Be Petted - They're Like Dogs

How to Train Your Pit Bull Dog to Be a Good Family Pet

Shih Tzu Smiling at Camera

Why Do Humans Talk to Animals If They Can't Understand?

Hippos are large and aquatic, like whales, but the two groups evolved those features separately from each other. We know this because the ancient relatives ...

Underrated DOS Games

An Australian officer with a pet dog at the ship's wheel, ...

Cats vs dogs: in terms of evolution, are we barking up the wrong tree? | Elsa Panciroli | Science | The Guardian

Aries is one of the 60 rescued or abused wolfdogs who lives at Full Moon Farm

Egyptian farming

Statues of Roman Molossian hounds. (Photo by I Ferris)

prehistoric sea monsters

Cute Toy Poodle resting on bed

dire wolf

Large image for longform feature pages.

Maggie lies on the ground looking at the camera.


Dogs are the most diverse-looking mammals around

12 unidentified creatures that washed up on beaches around the world

Shih Tzu Dog Breed

This is the kind of cat who would probably tell if you got into the catnip.