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In my last post I showed you how make a facing for a basic doll

In my last post I showed you how make a facing for a basic doll


In my last post, I showed you how make a facing for a basic doll dress. A facing is one way to finish raw edges. When you line a simple sleeveless dress, ...

In my last post, I showed you how make a facing for a basic doll dress. A facing is one way to finish raw edges. When you line a simple sleeveless dress, ...

In my last post, I showed you how make a facing for a basic doll dress. When you line a simple sleeveless dress, you something extra, a reversible dress.

Sewing for Beginners - Easy Doll Blanket

Baby Doll Clothes Free Patterns

If you are like me, you might have a fixed idea that certain patterns/styles go with certain fabrics. Sometimes it's purely for aesthetic reasons (sure, ...

Doll Dressmaking Series: The Reversible Dress

Doll Capris pattern

Baby doll clothes that turned out super cute! Pretty easy too....I did leave off the buttons on the dress

The capris pattern will be available shortly through my newsletter. If you are not already signed up for my newsletter, you can right here.

Today is the last day of our sew along, and it's been so much fun! Many of you have almost completed your dresses or tops, but if you're just joining us, ...

The pattern pieces for this dress and all other dresses are available through my newsletter. When you sign up, you will receive a second email asking you to ...


A simple, yet thorough guide, to waldorf doll skin fabrics, and how they

Basic front opening doll's shirt with sleeves is shown worn under a simple vest.

It's fun and easy to make and it's a great project for beginner sewists! In fact, my 11 year old niece Amy, whipped one up this afternoon and it turned out ...


I may have gotten a little carried away making a few extra things for Miss Kennedy's American Girl doll with the scraps I had left over but these prints ...

DIY sling for toddlers doll


Make The Pattern Back for the Basic Doll Shirt

Make This Easy Sew Doll Nightgown For Any Size of Doll

Please remember that you are welcome to sell ready-made Gingermelon items in your own shop. I just ask that you please offer GINGERMELON design credit in ...

Amigurumi teddy bear. Plastic doll joints

The History of Creepy Dolls


Free Printable Doll Clothes Patterns | doll clothes patterns for fashion, girl and baby dolls.

She's planning on gifting it to her Mum, which I think is a wonderful idea, though I think I'll be keeping mine all to myself!! ;)

First there was a transgender doll, then one with an amputated leg. Now these dolls with differences are giving kids a boost.

Damon Dahlen/The Huffington Post. Of course, a doll ...

Attaching Bias Tape can make any sewing project stand out. Bias Tape is perfect for

Sew a simple DIY baby-doll carrier

Cute and Easy Sock Dolls

For the fabric part of your stroller you'll want to fold over your fabric so it's double thick (with the printed sides facing each other) and cut a ...

Natasha Lyonne in “Russian Doll”

Today's the last day of the doll fabric tour! Head over to Simple Simon and Co to see this cute sprinkle dress!

Today we're going to start work on the facing, and then we're going to sew up the shoulders. This is arguably the most complicated bit, so make sure you've ...

In my dreams last night, I was a movie star. I was going to see my most recent film with the love of my life. Maybe I'll see him again someday.

MakeUpMonster on Twitter: "We need your help! Oscar, @MisterKeogh and I would love to help make some brave kids smile who will be facing Christmas in ...

As you can see from above photo, this way is very simple. Each leg will be simply connected by one stitch in the middle and continued downwards in rounds.

Next you will need to pin your fabric layers together so they don't move around when you are sewing. I start in the middle and pin out from there.

Pictured from left to right is Crimson, Harmony, Mirai (10th anniversary version) and Symphony.

Don't pin those shoulders though – we're not going to sew the last 5cm of the shoulders.

easy quick toddler doll sling

Damon Dahlen/Huffington Post

Jul 11 Little Fig Doll Pattern, make it your own.

Fold the top and bottom edge under and sew a channel opening that's big enough to get one of your 1/2″ rods through as in the photo above.

... Picture of Cute and Easy Sock Dolls

Next you will make the edging of the blanket. You don't have to buy binding to add to the blanket, you will use the extra backing fabric and fold it over ...

It's fun and easy to make and it's a great project for beginner sewists! In fact, my 11 year old niece Amy, whipped one up this afternoon and it turned out ...

This is a really great way to make lined doll clothes. Many patterns could be adapted to work this way. And, lining means a lot fewer edge finishes which ...

BlackBook Interview: 'Russian Doll' Star Charlie Barnett on Facing Down Demons, the Brilliance of Natasha Lyonne, and Having to Die Over and Over Again

A doll sleeve pattern is made from a basic arm sloper adding seam lines, ease

Free Rag Doll Patterns

Meet Annabelle, a smiling, vintage doll turned demonic. (Courtesy of Flickr user Visit El Paso)

Damon Dahlen/The Huffington Post

I absolutely love the look of this hemline. It's so fun and easy too! We used our sew along sponsor Raspberry Creek Fabrics' Club French terry for the main ...

Learn to sew doll clothes with easy sewing patterns by oh sew kat! American Girl

Watts posted this photo on Facebook days before her murder, saying that her daughters had

Robert The Doll

Test fitting a basic doll shirt with sleeves to a miniature doll.

Obsessively Stitching: EASY Doll Pants, Socks, Hat, Scarf! -- TUTORIAL

Wjat else can you o with a unicorn pattern? Show & Tell from FreshStitches and

You won't be able to understitch all the way around the neckline and armhole, but go as far as you can into the straps.

The soul of a serial killer possesses a My Buddy doll in the Child's Play horror film series. (Courtesy of Flickr user Kendrick Shackleford)

"Fancy" sleeves can give a doll dress 70s retro look, or even a medieval look. You can make the bottom of the sleeves wider for a more extreme look.

Then you fold it over again, so it covers a bit of the front fabric. I pinned my edging so it didn't unroll while sewing.

Damon Dahlen/Huffington Post

Center the Wrist Strap onto the back of the head. Pin in place then stitch the center area onto the back of the head.

Man charged with child pornography over sex doll says he bought it to replace dead son

When you are decreasing, instead of using a regular decrease, try the invisible decrease. It is not much different than a regular decrease.

froufy barbie skirt tutorial ~~ You'll need: 1 piece of fabric (for the length shown here) 1 piece of fabric for the waistband sew on velcro sewing stuff

Making and fitting a collar to the neckline of a basic front opening doll's shirt.


Repeat for the other side, and then overlock or zigzag along the whole length of the bottom of the facing.

Even though we aren't using small pieces to make a quilt, we are going to sew a simple quilting pattern on the blanket so it looks nice and the layers of ...

America's most popular doll is being counterfeited. L.A. toymaker MGA wants to know who's doing it

Or you can make a stitch through the limb and add a button to the outside for extra support.

Using a stitch marker is not a guideline or suggestion- For amigurumi, it is a rule!! Follow it religiously! In amigurumi you stitch in the round, ...

Create, dress, and photograph your own set with Blythe Lovely Interior! Make the perfect shot with these handy and easy to make interiorpapercraft.

Russian Doll

Materials Used

A modern doll looks out with unnaturally piercing blue eyes. (© MariaDubova/iStock Photo)

The very last thing to do here is to hand tack the facing to the zip tape, and both side seams. This will help keep it in place, so that it doesn't ...

Since my box opening video was lost, I made a quick slideshow to show off her eyes. She has a blue front-facing set, green left-facing set, and two special ...

Snaps and velcro

Uploaded 1 year ago

How to Embroider Doll Eyes, a mini tutorial.

Pull open, and with wrong side facing you, press your neckline seam well, using a pressing cloth so you don't melt your fleece.

And now your super adorable American doll quilt is ready to be wrapped up and found underneath someone's Christmas tree! Now that you know how to make a ...

Go back into the same hole where you brought the yarn up last time, going up and through the body.


When sewing, lower your needle into the fabric, lower the foot, sew a few stitches forward, then use the reverse lever or button to sew backwards over your ...

Positive Discipline 101: How to Discipline a Child in a Way That Actually Works

Robert The Doll Letter