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How We Boost Soil Fertility on Our Organic Farm Sustainable

How We Boost Soil Fertility on Our Organic Farm Sustainable


Our method of conservation farming preserves soils and improves crop yields, allowing farmers to rely on their fields year after year.

Afrisoils launched on the margins of Global Soil Partnership Plenary Assembly

Improving Soil Fertility

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Using organic compost, minimum tillage and a crop rotation scheme, farmers experience higher yields and richer soils, all without having to pay the hefty ...

Rice farmer shows his rice crop which is ready for harvesting. Photo: Panos/

Several new labels introduced last week seek to move beyond USDA organic. Can they shore up sustainable practices, or will they sow consumer confusion?

What role does humus play in soil fertility

No-till farming

Benefits of crop rotation

UK farmers to be given first ever targets on soil health

Climate and Soils

Soil Health, Fertiliser Use and Agricultural Sustainability

... nutrients, farmers need to work with healthy soil. Sprayer applying fertilizer

Organic Growth

Surrounded by woods, Woven Roots farmers, Jen and Pete Salinetti and their crew, use no-till regenerative organic practices to grow a diversity ...

... a new Water Conservation and Efficiency Program for 2019 — a program we'll continue to promote. Read more about our work to address water supply issues.

This webinar will be hosted in the U of I Extension Offices in over 20 counties throughout the state: Jo Daviess, Stephenson, Winnebago, Ogle, Whiteside, ...

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Can Organic Farming Grow in New York's Fertile Black Dirt Region?

Healthy soils are key to biodiversity, food security and play a fundamental role in fighting climate change. Organic agriculture is a production system that ...

How to Improve Soil Fertility Naturally. December 29, 2016 Sustainable Farming ...

7 Ways to Improve Soil Quality: Many of us inherit gardens and yards that consist

Can organic farming feed the world, even when we have more than 8 billion people

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Farmers in Brazil are using organic farming techniques involving legumes which reduce costs and help combat climate change.

spring creek chickens

Crop Rotation

... we provide 11 different training courses which cover agroecology in all its facets. Become a organic farmer and improve your soil fertility or a ...

... sustainable manner by our local small farmers who really care about protecting our planet. Our organic farmers rotate crops to increase soil fertility, ...

Increasing Soil Organic Matter Through Organic Agriculture | EcoFarming Daily

Organic FAQs


Organic's benefits. Organic agriculture can help us to achieve the Sustainable ...

... explains why synthetic fertilizers are not allowed in organic agriculture, and the alternative methods organic farmers use to enhance soil fertility.


Organic no-till is a rotational tillage system that combines the best aspects of no-till while satisfying the requirements of the USDA organic regulations.

Revolutionizing Farming

One of the biggest modern myths about agriculture is that organic farming is inherently sustainable. It can be, but it isn't necessarily. After all, soil ...

Family Farming Together

As of May 1, 2016 the UBC Farm became certified organic through NOOA and all our market and wholesale produce is grown according to British Columbia ...

Intensive farming practices to increase the productivity is a havoc to the ecosystem. Sustainability in agriculture is of major concern in order ...

If managed properly the farmer should be able to sustain the economic viability of the farm and enhance the quality of life for farmers ...

What is No-Till Farming?

What is the Resilience Deficit and How is it Being tackled in the Sahel?

In a win-win-win combination, building the health of soil improves farm

Intercropping of maize and pigeon peas in Malawi: after just one season, soil fertility improves and increases the nutrients available to the plants.


Learn about the dangers of chemical fertilizers, via SustainableBabySteps.com

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The physical and social actions to be taken are divided into the following modules:

Swiss Chard at Woven Roots Farm, MA. “

What Is Sustainable Agriculture?

Pharmacy-Pasture. Healing soils ...

Soil management can be seen as an integral part of land management and focuses on the different soil types and characteristics that can enhance the soil ...

Can we meet a growing need for food without destroying our environment?

Can Andhra Pradesh's ambitious plan to stop the use of chemicals in farms succeed?

Lexicon of Food

Farmer-driven Organic Resource Management to Build Soil Fertility (ORM4Soil)

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Madoka Hirabayashi from Tokyo holds a basket filled with freshly-harvested organic vegetables during a

New research: synthetic nitrogen destroys soil carbon, undermines soil health

Transitioning to Organic · Download this image

Bringing Farming Back to NatureBringing Farming Back to Nature

In harmony with nature and the animal world: organic farmer Thomas Goebel

Farmer working in field (Imago)

Sustainable Agriculture

Greening Vietnam's tea industry. UN Environment / Lisa Murray. How sustainable farming is turning the ...


He set up Jaycee Agro Farms, with the help of his family, to tackle the issues of chemical-based farming, and bust the myth that organic agriculture is ...

A Vicious Cycle of Reliance on Chemicals. Chemically intensive farming methods can ...

What Is Contour Farming?

Can we feed 10 billion people on organic farming alone? | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

Vertical lettuce crop. Credit: Valcenteau/CC-BY-SA-2.0

0 16 views Interview with Dr. Kristine Nichols, Chief Scientist at the Rodale Institute, an independent

The jury is still out on the soil amendments, but early field trials suggest that burying charcoal in soil can increase yields, reduce water use, ...

Hankungwe Zaward: Effect of manures on plant nutrients and maize grain yield in Mkuyuni village, Morogoro region

The Drought Fighter - Paul Kaiser

Also the Government is implementing Soil Health Management under National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA). Soil Health Management (SHM) is one of ...

Agroforestry systems mix crops, trees and animals, and provide resilience by e.g. strengthening ecological

Panel a: Results of the search performed on Scopus on March, 2015 sorted by typing ,intensive agriculture, in the article title, abstract and keyword fields ...

Kulika helps farmers improve productivity through increased soil fertility and water retention. Farmers are trained in making and use of organic manures eg ...

Simnai and Phillip Tshuma, smallholder farmers from Hwange, Zimbabwe, show off their sorghum

Field trials show the effect of different methods of cultivation on the quality, quantity and shelf life of crop yields and on soil fertility.

Farming Practices

The underlying principle is to work with an intimate understanding of natures ways and consider the soil as a living entity. Organic farming is sustainable ...

cartoon of roots, plants and nutrients

Cycling soil nutrients is another benefit of cover crops. After a cash crop is harvested, there will always be some leftover nutrients that the harvested ...

Traditional farming methods had a low carbon footprint. Sustainable agriculture can ...