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Home buyers beware Most expensive housing markets in some states

Home buyers beware Most expensive housing markets in some states


Home buyers beware: Most expensive housing markets in some states average $750,000-plus. Alabama Most expensive housing market: Shelby County

Alaska Most expensive housing market: Sitka City and

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As Metro Phoenix home prices soar to record highs, here's where to find deals

Rhode Island Most expensive housing market: Newport

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Why first time home buyers need to be wary of stamp duty incentives

Why are consumers awarded more rights for a $10 t-shirt than a million-

The median home listing price in the US is nearly $280,000. BakerJarvis/Shutterstock. Buying a house has become more expensive ...


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These 40 cities may see housing prices decline, survey says

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Home Sales Up In April + Toronto Is 12th Most Expensive Housing Market In World

The stock market's behavior could influence home-buying activity

The housing market in the Netherlands in 2019: to buy or not to buy a house in the Netherlands?

mmortgage brokers

With the housing market off the boil, could it end in doom and gloom?

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Be careful when buying recreational property before a city home, say experts

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How Much the Average House Costs in Each State

A Zillow study found that 1 of every 7 listings across the country saw a price reduction during June. (John Bazemore/AP)

fixer upper house

Most housing markets shifting in favor of buyers, but Phoenix bucks trend

Setback for Jaypee buyers in plan to shore up votes for NBCC bid

Why California stinks for first-time home buyers

for sale sign, canadian real estate market

Global housing prices

modern double storey house facades. Buying a house costs more ...

Shutterstock ...

Map of Sydney region shows Northern Beaches and Northern Sydney are down 5.6%, Parramatta

How to buy a house in Spain

FILE - In this March 6, 2018, photo a sign advertises the pending sale of a home in San Jose, Calif. More Americans signed contracts to purchase homes in ...

It will help first home buyers, but they better be cautious

Correction in Hong Kong's property market gathers speed as prices fall 3.5 per cent in November | South China Morning Post

Ban Foreign Homebuyers From Canada? Be Careful What You Wish For

Housing in the UK

Owning a Home in Every State

Illinois Most expensive housing market: DuPage County

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Mansion becomes priciest home ever sold in Broward history. Here's how much it cost.

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Buying a property in Belgium

investing in property

Tallying up all the costs of buying a home

For their new house, Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones downsized their original vision from 25,000 square feet to a modest 15,000. But they made sure to keep the ...

Beware of animals in your home or garage.

Getty Images. Parents are buying more homes ...

A close up of balconies on an apartment building.

Melbourne property statistics

Major Factors Influencing Home Offer Price

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Residential Real Estate Tips/Home Buying Scams That You Should Know

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home buyers

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Working With a Seller's Agent: Is Dual Agency Worth It for Home Buyers?

Correction in Hong Kong's property market gathers speed as prices fall 3.5 per cent in November | South China Morning Post

Closing costs are a big concern for New Jersey home buyers, because they represent an out-of-pocket expense that typically must be paid up front.

11 things to watch out for when buying a leasehold property - Zoopla MovePlanner

Mike Blake/Reuters

mainly macro

First-time homebuyers aching to get into the real estate market should be cautious about

Three big things happening in Brisbane | Property market in 2019?

New research shows the challenges new buyers face in today's housing market. (Andrii Yalanskyi/Alamy Stock Photo)

There is growing overseas interest in Spain's property market.

Developers' incentives may be tempting, but costly pitfalls litter the road to completion, warns Chiara Cavaglieri

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Here's why Malaysians can't afford a house

First home buyers warned to look before they leap onto the property ladder