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He doesnt have to explain this to any one Funilarious Funny

He doesnt have to explain this to any one Funilarious Funny


He doesn't have to explain this to any one!

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Barb Bohringer

he goeth down; I yelleth timber

28 Funny Text Messages You Will Have With Your Parents

Why did this make me laugh so hard?!

Dads are hilarious

Dads being dads visit us | Humor | Funny memes, Positive memes, Funny pictures

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Fugly Pictures - Page 5644 Bro Quotes, Nice Quotes, Funny Quotes, Funny Memes

How can anyone not have seen it

24 Parents Who Have Finally Reached Peak Parent

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It goes against all of my personal beliefs and it makes me

I should post this to fail board because people who have more birthdays obviously lived longer! Like a 66 year old birthdays) lived longer than a 43 year ...

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Dear guys, every text you've received from a girl was actually composed by

My love is 4 Jesus only

Do you need a good laugh today? These kids have shared the funniest texts they

are you tired of trying your best for someone who doesn't deserve? (or she) follow @10amtexting for more🌹

Sk Naaz.. Yeah right.

20 Seriously Funny Pictures & Memes


Ha blonde jokes are so funny! I also love how all of them are about blonde women! Because apparently only women can be blonde.

Men's and Women's Humor : Corny Off Beat Humor - Toast.

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10+ Hilarious Comics By “Ice Cream Sandwich”

I Think I Need This Fridge | Ha!/ Love it! | Funny, Funny ads, Funny commercials

Funny Memes Of The Day To Make Your Laugh (50 Memes) – Geekty.com

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Chicken Shaming Is All You Need To Make You Laugh Today (45 Pics)

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hhaha hai it's jessica your welcome :P :D ^_^ Funny Texts Crush

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18 perfect ways to respond to a text from your good for nothing ex


This bird has been tweeting to the wrong crowd.

his happened to me a lot in year 7 and it just happened to be the guy I had had a crush on wayyyy back in like reception and my friends shipped ...

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Pin by Jennifer Gilpin on Christmas humor | Funny picture quotes, Funny pictures, Funny Quotes

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funny all picture painting adam and eve have belly buttons think about it

Top 5 Hilarious Tweets By Survival Tips

I'm gonna randomly text this to a friend one day .. (friends

21 Tweets That Prove Your Brain Can Be A Real Dick Sometimes

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There are so many more jokes about this dog on the internet!,

More Hilarious Victims of Autocorrect - Mommy Has A Potty Mouth

Imma try it :P

feel for symph LOL

Dr Pepper only had a doctorate in theoretical Fizz-ics.

I have a thing for hashtags and corny jokes #noshame #HashtagonHashtagonHashtag

I actually tried this let you know if it will actually happen.

30 Funny Quotes to ROFL or Just Share #funnyquotes #funnysayings #lol #snarkyquotes

My Photo Sharing Site: Auto Correct Messages 7/4 Photo Sharing Sites, Text

This week's meme round-up compiled of all the funniest images the web has to offer.

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List current close friends around it in color

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I swear I saw this, like, 2 years ago, and my best friend and I meant to use it randomly in class, but we never did.

Good thing applesauce doesn't offer credit, I may also be in debt.

I laughed at this for an inappropriately long time. Math humor have to love it

Awesome Replies to Texts From the Ex

Busy Pinning

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Ha Ha Ha, I can see Jose saying this when Abigail is around dating age!!! Actually He'll be the dad that's sitting at the Kitchen table "CLEANING THIS GUN"

Well, if he came up with it, he'd love it.

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Pick lock at work funny Just For Laughs, Lock Picking, How To Be Mysterious

Funny Text Message. I could see my dad doing this to me. he used

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (unless you text the wrong "

A funny Ice Cream Definition as a poster. Can be bought from Men's Lounges webshop

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My small problem too haha Funny Cute, Haha Funny, Funny Memes, Jokes,

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Everyone said to him, "You can't go to Disney World, you only have one ear." And you know what he said? "I can't hear you."

I work at an ice cream parlor and whenever a hot guy walks in, the

#funny #texts Funny

34 Funny Quotes You Just Have to Read -

Hi there

Image result for teacher quotes Very Funny Texts, Random Texts, Funny Text Messages Fails

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People who are to into movies < < oml my friend sent this to me yesterday, I questioned back did u really think I wasn't going to do that already?!

we found the unicorn. A mature argument on the Internet.

These 15 People Had the Perfect Responses When Their Text Message Was Ignored

it broke my heart when I've been writing it :( follow @10amtexting (me) for more give credit when you repost

Humor; skills; Philippians 4:13

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24 Hilarious Comic Strips For Those Who Like It Dirty! Have A Laugh, Tumblr

hillarious parents | Friday Funny: Parents Learning How to Text Hilarious Texts, Funny Memes

this is my brother Text Jokes, Funny Test, Text Conversations, Text Fails,

19 Jokes All Grammar Nerds Will Appreciate | BuzzFeed

Many men in Israel 2000 years ago actually had relatively short hair rather than the supposed long, hippie hair. But all the same. This makes me laugh.

Ik it pisses me off so much!

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Pops-ifiy it pppppops-ify it haha