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Have you been feeling overwhelmed Like is there another retrograde

Have you been feeling overwhelmed Like is there another retrograde


Have you been feeling overwhelmed? Like is there another retrograde happening that someone forgot to

Mars Retrograde 2018 What You Need to Know

Neptune Retrograde Is Coming, So Maybe We Can Finally Chill Out

This Year's Saturn Retrograde Will Be Very Different From Last Year's

Planets in Retrograde 2019

How Jupiter Retrograde & Mercury Retrograde Happening At The Same Time Will Affect You, Based On Your Sign

The March 2019 Mercury Retrograde Means Big Things For Your Zodiac Sign

This is the bizarre reason it could be the PLANETS' fault

Mercury Retrograde In Virgo: Setting New Standards For Ourselves

No photo description available.

Saturn Retrograde 2019: dates and what to expect

Mercury Retrograde & Jupiter Retrograde 2018 Are Happening At The Same Time, So Here's How To Survive Unscathed

Here's How the March 2019 Mercury Retrograde Will Effect Your Zodiac Sign

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When Is Mercury Retrograde Over? Just Asking, Because I'm Not Sure My Sanity Can Take Much More Of This Madness

Mercury retrograde is in Aries and here''s how it will affect you [

Does Jupiter Retrograde Affect Your Moods? Don't Be Surprised If You're A Bit Overwhelmed

Why Jupiter Retrograde Might Be Tougher Than Mercury Retrograde This Year

Mercury as photographed by MESSENGER with colors to enhance the chemical, mineralogical, and physical

Just the mention of the word “retrograde” is enough to make us run for cover these days, especially when you remember that there have been six (yes, ...

What Is The Pre-Shadow Period For Mercury In Retrograde? It Actually Lasts Way Longer Than You Thought

Happy Thursday Y'all. Do you ever ...

Blame It On Mercury Retrograde

What to expect this Mercury Retrograde

Does Saturn In Retrograde Affect Your Mood? Why You Might Be Feeling On Edge

Wise insights will come around whatever issue you are working your way through

Even if you're not that into astrology, you've probably still heard about Mercury going into retrograde once or twice (or literally every single time it ...

venus in retrograde. There's ...

It's That Time Again…Tips to Embrace Mercury Retrograde – Sunny Dawn Johnston

Last week, every client came in with their central nervous system over-stimulated, in a bit of a state of overwhelm. Several were also complaining about ...

Ep #19: Blame It On Mercury

Mercury Is in Retrograde… Here's What That Actually Means and How It Affects You

What Does "Retrograde" Mean?

5 Planets in retrograde - "The Soul's Mission"

saturn retrograde

Mercury Retrograde Is Coming To An End, Now Is The Time To Pick Up The Pieces

Jupiter Retrograde Report

Have you been feeling that life has been slowing down recently or have you noticed aspects of your past returning? After the powerful eclipses in March, ...

A day after Mercury officially goes retrograde at 29 ° Pisces. Adding to that we have a conjunction with Neptune.

How To Boost Your Career With The Energy Of The Mercury Retrograde

Neptune's Retrograde is About to Really Turn Up the Drama–So Here's How You Can Prepare Yourself

3 Planets are Retrograde + Solar Storms

Mercury Retrograde 2018, The Dance of the Planets and What I Learned From the Cosmic Shift


Could the alignment of Mercury be giving us grief? Some astrologers think so

Does Saturn In Retrograde Affect Your Mood? Why You Might Be Feeling On Edge

Aries is going to turn you into a fucking baby and Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio will have you feeling intense to say the least.

I'm not sure if this is something that you are into or not, but it's definitely something I have become way more aware of over the past few years.

Continuing with my writing and I have compiled another playlist of songs that pop up as I am writing. What I find funny about this list, is how they are all ...

July's Mercury Retrograde In Leo Brings Loads Of Chaos And Drama

As we are affected by Mercury retrograde from March 5th until the 28th this year, I feel sharing our soul retrieval journey practices is essential, ...

What it actually means for you when Mercury is in retrograde

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius: You can trust the lightning

How Uranus Retrograde In Aries Affects Each Zodiac Sign Until March 2019

April Is About Embracing The Uncertainty, Because 3 Planets Will Be Retrograde

I hope you're enjoying the Fall weather now that the intense heat and summer eclipses are behind us. But don't get too comfortable because Venus Retrograde ...

Oh retrograde… I feel like retrogrades are beginning to get a bad rap? Why? I fully blame Mercury! Well… maybe not Mercury, but definitely the hype that has ...

There Are 4 Retrogrades This Month — Are We All Doomed?

The Symptoms Of A Jupiter Retrograde

How Mercury Retrograde affects you

How This Summer's Fiery and Aggressive Mars Retrograde Will Affect Your Sign - VICE

This Pluto Retrograde Tarot spread will help you to go deep within to uncover hidden truths. Be honest with yourself. Do you experience power in the form of ...

How to Keep Your Sanity During Mercury Retrograde

Well we've made it to yet another Mercury Retrograde (March 22-April 14)!

Astrological Saturn Returns

It's that time again--Mercury in retrograde. I've spoken about it

Here's How the March 2019 Mercury Retrograde Will Effect Your Zodiac Sign | Thought Catalog

Have you ever felt like Murphy's Law has taken over your life? You know, those times in life where you are overwhelmed to the max and if anything can go ...


It's that time again…. Tips to embrace Mercury Retrograde – Sunny Dawn Johnston

If you've been feeling out of sorts, like life has been a trial of late, you can blame the planet Mercury. For the past month the planet nearest the sun has ...

Here we are in the middle of Mercury Retrograde which lasts until the 22nd of this month. While this phenomenon gives us the opportunity to review, rework, ...

15 Self-Care Rituals To Help You Deal With Mercury In Retrograde

Cosmic Cannibal Harvests Your October Forecast

4 Communication Tips For Mercury Retrograde That'll Get You Through This Complicated Time

#thelordofkarma 😂 what lessons have you learned? Saturn came for me early a week ago teaching me not to answer my phone when people that tried to break me ...

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: How will it affect Soulmates & Twin Flames?

The Venus retrograde and your love life:


Full Moon in Scorpio, May 2019

I was looking at charts for various times over the summer and came across the chart pictured. It struck me, because look at the “Rx” symbols towards the ...

How Mercury Retrograde In Leo Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships In The Coming Weeks

Been feeling a bit "off" lately? A bit emotional? A bit cray cray?? Well it's ok, you're not losing your mind - it's MERCURY RETROGRADE again!!

Shortcuts in this article.

This is the crystal to meditate with when you are feeling drained or overwhelmed from negative energy and negative people. This crystal is excellent for ...

Numerology Guide to Mercury Retrograde – Revisioning your Life Path

If you are feeling stuck this week then stay there a minute and stop struggling to get out. If you feel like you're at a crossroads and can't get traction ...

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