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The cockpit of a Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft pictured during an induction ceremony at the

Etihad 777 flight

Boeing says faulty sensor contributed to 737 Max crashes

China and Indonesia Order Grounding of Boeing 737 Max 8 AircraftChina and Indonesia Order Grounding of Boeing 737 Max 8 Aircraft


Near misses, turbulence and aircraft fires are all among these nerve-inducing incidents

The last "crash" of a commercial passenger jet in the U.S. happened on Oct

Emergency landing

How not to write airplane faults on HTWB

Planes can still fly with just one engine working

Lauda Air Flight 004


The Disturbing Truth About How Airplanes Are Maintained Today

Should fliers be worried about collisions with birds?

Here's How High Planes Actually Fly, According to Experts



Ethiopian Airlines Had a Max 8 Simulator, but Pilot on Doomed Flight Didn't Receive Training On ItEthiopian Airlines Had a Max 8 Simulator, ...

What We Breathe When We Fly

18 Things You Should Never Do on an Airplane

8 Things You Probably Don't Know About Jet Engines

Biofuel-powered jet

World's safest airlines: The airlines that have never had a single plane crash

de Havilland Comet

10 Interesting Facts About Planes And Flying. Airplane

How Long Can You Survive in the Sea?

In new blow, Boeing defeats Airbus at American, sources say; AA says 'no decision yet'

The tires are designed not to pop on landing. Airplane tires runway

A Boeing 737 aircraft sitting on the water

Witnesses describe seeing the plane shaking

iconic aircraft Bleriot XI-57341758

Delta Orders 100 Airbus A321neos, Says No to Boeing's 737 MAX

Did Trump's Private Jet Carry a Sick Child from California to New York?

Every Joke from 'Airplane!' Ranked

Adverse Health Effects of Fume Events and Air Quality Incidents on Commercial Aircraft

What's The Difference Between The Boeing 777-300 and the 777-300ER - Simple Flying

Cgettings/Creative Commons. “

airplane toilets

Ode to the MD-11, An Airplane That Proved the Importance of Innovation (or Lack Thereof) | Cranky Flier

fly marijuana

What the Lion Air Pilots May Have Needed to Do to Avoid a Crash

The airline pilot's control panel inside a Boeing 737 Max cockpit

Crowds gathered to watch the test flight of the Dreamliner

10 things before plane takes off cover

Boeing 777-200LR (Long Range) is the longest range airliner in the world. Copyright / Courtesy of The Boeing Company.

What You Should Know About Flying With Dogs or Cats in a Plane's Cargo Hold

A Boeing 777 just crashed, but it's still one of the safest planes ever to fly

Indonesia plane crash: flight JT610 plunges into waters off Jakarta | World news | The Guardian

Air travel can cause jet lag, especially long-haul flights going from west to east.

Flying With Children: The Ultimate Guide to Less Stressful Flights With Kids

This Is How Often You Should Stand Up on a Flight

One of the earliest models, a Boeing 737-200, when it was in service with Ryanair. Guy Brian Gratton

The plush cabin of the Gulfstream G650 jet

How flying seriously messes with your mind

Pilot of shaking plane asks passengers to pray

Interesting Facts About Planes And Flying

Norwegian fights for survival as predators circle

Safety concerns have plagued Boeing since its top-selling plane, the 737 Max,

787 Factory at Everett


Here's the terrifying reason Boeing's 737 MAX 8 is grounded across the globe | National Post

Airplane Cabin White Noise Jet Sounds | Great for Sleeping, Studying, Reading & Homework | 10 Hours - YouTube

Why cabin crew dims the light when a plane is landing

Crash: how computers are setting us up for disaster | Tim Harford | Technology | The Guardian

Qantas: No fatal accidents in the jet age.

The events that led to these two fatal crashes were set in motion nearly a decade ago, and they started not with Boeing, but with the company's European ...

Costs for Boeing Start to Pile Up as 737 Max Remains Grounded - The New York Times

A worker is seen inside a Boeing 737 MAX 9 at the Renton plant. The

5 Things to Know Before You Fly

Icelandair is one of the few 757 operators outside the U.S.

Not much concern in US about flying in Boeing 737 Max aircraft, even as other countries suspend flights

Aeroflot was involved in dozens of air disasters during the Cold War

AirCraft roof ripped off. \

Fact Vs. Fiction: Rolling an Airliner


An A380 aircraft being assembled at Airbus's campus in Toulouse, France


A new study on pilots' mental health suggests the skies may not be that friendly after all. (Kent Wien - Flickr/Creative Commons)

MAX Display System

Algeria military plane crash: 257 dead near Algiers

Air Travelers with Disabilities: Here are your rights

Passengers should first consult their airlines in the event of flight delays, experts say.