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Globalisation and the accelerating rate of technological development

Globalisation and the accelerating rate of technological development


World inequality has fallen, but rising national inequality is mostly not from trade

FIGURE 1-5 Percentage share of U.S. international S&E articles in 2012 for countries with top 100-ranked universities in engineering and technology.

The second wave of economic globalisation has outstripped the first

FIGURE 1-3 Top 100 (2013–2014) University Rankings (a) by region, overall and domain-specific; (b) by country, overall and engineering and technology; ...

Is technological change creating a new global economy? | World Economic Forum

Chart 1

Technology vs globalisation as cause of the declining labour share

wolf chart 4

Moore's Law expanded to other technologies

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Globalisation and the accelerating rate of technological development provide new and unparalleled opportunities for the evolution

Image: US Bureau of Labor Statistics; McKinsey Global Institute analysis

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Complete the graphing exercise found here.

... though not all firms have benefitted as multinationals sometimes reallocate some innovation activity to other parts of the global value chain.

Richard Baldwin describes how digital technology is allowing people and companies to arbitrage large relative price differences in wages across countries, ...

The evolution of knowledge flows.

Chart 4

FIGURE 1-2 National Science Board Science and Engineering Indicator data that examines (a) S&E first university degrees for selected countries between 2000 ...

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Technology, globalization and international competitiveness: Challenges for developing countries Carl Dahlman. 2 1.

Some of the reasons for globalisation. - higher technology - increase in capital mobility - freer trade - development of financial products - growth of MNC

An important driver of trade expansion was the availability of low-cost workers in emerging economies. Before World War I, the big opportunity was to ...

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Globalization Timeline

FIGURE 1-4 Percentage of S&E articles with international co-authorship in 2012 for countries with overall top 100-ranked universities.

Globalization has become a familiar enough word, the meaning of which has been discussed by others before me during this conference.

How globalization is changing innovation

31; 32.

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Effects of Globalization on Population Health

Let knowledge spread around the world

EXPORT STRATEGY ABSTRACT AND LEARNING OUTCOMES The purpose of this training module on Export Strategy is to present basic elements of export strategy as an ...


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This sentence did not mean much in 1964. However, it has become a cliché, especially over the past two decades with the rise of globalization—the growing ...

Spanish author and scholar Manuel Castells shares some philosophical ideas about how society is changing with new information and communication technologies ...

Cultural Diversity

FIGURE 1: Total Gross Domestic Expenditure on R&D (PPPS)

Glabalisation Force

Chart showing Changes in Real Income by World Income Percentiles (at Purchasing Power Parity)

Globalization 4.0 Trends

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New globalization report: Three mega-trends expected to impact our future

5 The drivers of globalisation

Is globalisation irreversible?

Do globalisation and world trade fuel inequality?

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Can We Keep Up with Globalization?

Is Technological Innovation Making Society More Unequal?

Globalization has mainly been driven by liberalized economic policies and technology.

Cost drivers  Continuing push for economies of scale  Accelerating technological innovation ...

Over the last few decades, globalization has created great wealth and brought millions out of poverty. Today, a combination of technology, politics, ...

Globalization Resets

One-Way Globalization Is Over In The Digital Age

A popular way to consider globalisation patterns now is using Internet traffic data, as shown below.

Globalisation: the rise and fall of an idea that swept the world | World news | The Guardian

Effects of global information flows

4 Technologies That Will Speed Up De-Globalization

Illustration of globalization, represented by connections between people across countries through commerce, trade, ...


A comprehensive framework to measure globalization is provided by the globalization index brought out by A.T. Kearney/Foreign Policy, based on 12 variables ...

How global trends affect profits

Productivity and Economic Growth

Chart showing - Estimated Change in Working-Age (15-64) Population 2015

FIGURE 1.1 Globalization of Science and Technology: Opportunities and Challenges for the Department of Defense statement of task.

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Technology and Inequality


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Is globalisation coming to an end?

... 36. eliminated ...

3 The drivers of globalisation

Special topic: Why reversing globalization may not be a good idea Global Economic Outlook, Q3 2017

Detailed Elements of Globalization and Health Categories


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Figure 3

The Historical Impact of Globalisation on Economies and Business

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Increased pace of globalisation was aided, among other factors, by the spectacular advancement of technology ...

The Retreat from Hyper-Globalization