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Ghostly Silhouettes of People as Faint Memories My Modern

Ghostly Silhouettes of People as Faint Memories My Modern


Ghostly Silhouettes of People as Faint Memories - My Modern Metropolis

Ghostly Silhouettes of People as Faint Memories - My Modern Metropolis

Andrew Lyman website via [this isn't happiness]

The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories


100+ Ghost Stories To Read In The Dark





Wild Life

American Exorcism

You should see Michelle Anderst's show at Ghost Gallery this fall, because this geometric fantasia (titled "Enter Through the Dreaming") is based on a ...

Emila Medková Cascade of Hair 1949

News Full Red Dead Redemption 2 Concert Is Well Worth a Listen




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Mastering Lens Filters and Long Exposure Photography - Chapter 2

Retour au fascicule

"Back when we worked normal hours I never felt anxiety going back into work," someone at Rockstar Lincoln told me. "But over the past year I have.

Rusted Radishes: Memory and Magic, ...

So anyway, I wanted to write this post in celebration of my newest Tess Schafer-Medium book … aptly named Distracting Ghosts (you can click the link to ...

We allowed the throng to usher us into the darkness, the Lord of Lollipops in the lead. My fellow Wolf smiled—for the moment at least, we were a team.

I don't like didacticism in art but here are a couple of lessons that

These are her memories from this journey, where she learns a great deal about mourning and loss. Her filled diaries later form the inspiration for her book ...

"I Like Scary Movies" Experience

Fig. 3. Kara Walker, The End of Uncle Tom and the Grand Allegorical

Reading Kamel Daoud's retelling, The Meursault Investigation, translated from the French, of Harun's memory of his brother's death, by el-roumi, ...

Cocoon Dance , 2019, acrylic ink and paint on satin, 27 x 28 inches


S1E1: Captain Edmund Ellsworth. ‹

A wailing fills my ears. This is not a ghost, it's tinnitus. My ears ring constantly, a common side effect of Lyme. Now I listen for a separate wail, ...

Barlow, Nora ed. 1958. The autobiography of Charles Darwin 1809-1882. With the original omissions restored. Edited and with appendix and notes by his ...

Gail Thacker, Rafael full body shave, NYC, 1997, Unique polaroid 665, 4 ¾ x 3 ¾”. Image courtesy of Gail Thacker & Daniel Cooney Fine Art, New York.

On Lying Awake At Night


Alia Syed: Eating Grass

Carlisle Indian Industrial School: Indigenous Histories, Memories, and Reclamations

... the lingering bitterness of last season's olive harvest; I am haunted by both the ghosts and modern realities of Beirut, Tripoli, Marjaayoun, ...

In memory of his grandfather, Nicholas Herrmann walks the length of The Ridgeway: an ancient road stretching for eighty-seven miles across chalk downland, ...

Romantic Couple Silhouettes - People Characters Picture Poses, Photo Poses, Couple Photography Poses,

Frank Blake Cover

David Ellingsen - SeaLife | LensCulture

A writer with aphantasia on visual memory and imagination

Escape into the pictures? The Artists of the Brücke in National Socialism | Kunsthaus Dahlem | 14.04.-11.08.2019


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True Scary Stories Megamix (50 Of The Creepiest Ones I've Found In Awhile

Hazlitt Magazine

Real Ghost Stories Online

Alison Saar, Breach, 2016, installation view.

A hundred thousand people were killed by the atomic bomb. Survivors wonder why they lived when so many others died.

"In my infertility groups, people often described surrogates as angels, but with her slick skin and the tubes twisting off her like seaweed, she looked more ...

Everywhere there are signs of the past: abandonment, fading history, but also livings still being forged from the environment. The sadness is the obvious ...

Sound artist and electronic musician Stephen Vitiello creates both an aural and a visual experience for viewers/listenters. Vitiello creates sound with ...

L: “Henrietta/North Sea Wave”, by Maggi Hambline, 2004–5. From Lambirth, A., 2006. R: Wave Returning, by Maggi Hambling, 2009 (detail).

The Sky Knows No Borders

Sherlock Holmes and the Elusive Ear from I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere on RadioPublic


Nadia Myre, Untitled/Anonymes, 2015. Video, 8 min 5 s. City of Montréal art collection. Photo: Martine Doyon Courtesy of the artist

I Was Home, But

I've a notion to bend a gun over your head,” Law growled. “Clever little game, wasn't it?”

It's a cold winter's day here in New York, but I'm casting my memory back to a warm, lazy October day in Austin at Barton Pool with Julia Sverchuk and April ...

100 Greatest Props in Movie History

At risk: The people in the video are allegedly from Somalia and Eritrea who are


Map of Japan with Bonin Islands inset. In Japanese, the islands of Stapleton, Buckland, Peel, and Hillsborough are Otōtojima, Anijima, Chichijima, ...


photo by Tia-Simone Gardner 

Inspired by her experiences, Shannon has written a book of memoirs called Traveling with Ghosts. The book was published in 2017 and has received critical ...

The silhouette is the most important thing in clothes. Every French girl knows that. High-waisted trousers give you long legs and a pretty bum which, ...

It's my pleasure to be a #GetOutside champion for Ordnance Survey for a second year. #GetOutside was launched by Ordnance Survey a few years ago to promote ...


Charles Peterson's "A painter's Memories"

Garrett Cortese

Fig. 1. Kara Walker, About the title—I had wanted to title

A Child Ghost, an Escape and a Watery Haunting on CuraçaoA Child Ghost, an Escape and a Watery Haunting on Curaçao


Another World: World War I Remembered

A most weird experience fell to the lot of Major Macgregor, and was contributed by him to Real Ghost Stories, the celebrated Christmas number of the Review ...

Unworthy is a minimalist monochrome Dark Souls

Darkness Visible: H sapiens enters the Long Barrow, West Kennet. Photograph by Mark

The 100 Best Anime Movies of All Time

Jenny Lindhe