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Facts and Sciences photo Unusual stories weird things ghosts

Facts and Sciences photo Unusual stories weird things ghosts


7 spooky things you didn't know about ghosts

Chasing ghosts: the weird science of tracking the dead

5 Mysterious Places That Science Can't Understand world travel creepy weird amazing story places

What Science Can't Explain

A Philadelphia Prison's Grim Past

View image of (Credit: Captain Provand)

The intriguing history of ghost photography

Some of the Weirdest Stories That Ever Appeared in The TimesSome of the Weirdest Stories That Ever Appeared in The Times. Ghosts!

The Strange and Mysterious History of the Ouija Board | History | Smithsonian

What lies behind ghosts, demons and aliens – according to sleep researchers

Why people think they see ghosts

Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Ghost story

10 Interesting Facts About the English Language that You Didn't Know

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Eight things you need to know about poltergeists – just in time for Halloween

Ghosts in Bengali culture

The Ghost Map: The Story of London's Most Terrifying Epidemic--and How It Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern World: Steven Johnson: 9781594482694: ...

Ectoplasm (paranormal)

Ghost hunting

Halloween Monster Science (Infographic)

These Chilling Real Ghost Stories Will Make You Believe

School security camera captures creepy footage — is it a ghost?

The Strange and Twisted Life of “Frankenstein”

Hearing ghost voices relies on pseudoscience and fallibility of human perception

Our Galaxy - The Milky Way

Debunking the fake ghost story that's got Instagram spooked

Has new ghost particle manifested at Large Hadron Collider?

Beyond Death: The Science of the Afterlife

Scary chat stories - Addicted on the App Store


Investigating Ghosts: The Scientific Search for Spirits

The Scientific Explanation for Seeing Ghosts at the End of Your Bed | Opinion

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The days grow shorter; the nights, darker. The weird noises two streets over are a little quieter, and a little weirder, when muffled by the snow.

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The 6 Most Haunted Places in Savannah That You Can Actually Visit

30 amazing facts about Brazil, home to a hidden mountain and a ghost town in the jungle

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The Victorian supernatural

Was a Ghost Caught on Camera in the Hallways of an Irish School?

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... The Fashionable Science of Parlour Magic [page: back cover]

How to spot a ghost

Explanation of several phenomena that could be interpreted as ghostly apparitions.

Tales from the Charley Project highlight strange disappearances from an older, eerier America. Shutterstock

The Queen Mary Opens Up Its Haunted Hotel Suite For An Overnight Ghostly Experience

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When Things Go Missing

13 Facts About Disney's Haunted Mansion

Halloween Monsters

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Origin of 'ghost particle' found

7 There's a name for words that we repeat often.

Colonel Patterson first Tsavo Lion

Do ghosts exist? If not, why do we see them?

Illustration for article titled The Weirdest Unsolved Mysteries of World War II


snow leopard on a rock

The ghost of a pirate, from Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates (1903)

Can Dogs See Ghosts?

5 of Canada's most haunted places

10 Strange Things Happening In The World Right Now


Most Haunted Places in India: Real Stories and Places!

3 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (*breath*) is NOT the longest word in English.

10 Facts About Chernobyl That You Didn't Know

"Hamlet and his father's ghost" by Henry Fuseli (1780s drawing). The ghost is wearing stylised plate armour in 17th-century style, including a morion type ...

Graphic illustrating "Tilted World Points to Planet ...

The Strangest Stories OnlineRipley's Weird News

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free tailed bat

'Ghost particle' found in Antarctica provides astronomy breakthrough - CNN

Friend Request is the goofiest internet horror story I've ever seen

Hillbilly Horror Stories Jerry & Tracy Paulley Scary, Ghosts, Horror, Paranormal, Supernatural, Lore, Unexplained, Cryptids, UFO, Spooky, Bigfoot, Sasquatch

Click ahead to read more about San Antonio's ghost tracks, an urban legend debunked.

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Others believe they are spirits of the dead

Ripley's Believe It or Not! returns to the Travel Channel with host and executive producer

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