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Everyone is hoping that LUCK intercedes and blesses them with their

Everyone is hoping that LUCK intercedes and blesses them with their



I used to believe in “good luck” – that events and opportunities in my life happened by chance and some people are just more “lucky” than others.

Everyone is hoping that LUCK intercedes and blesses them with their desires and dreams. The

"May good luck be with you wherever you go, and your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow" -Irish Blessing

st. matthew evangelist

Trusting God when you don't understand

Alhamdulillah for everything the good and the bad is from Allah and there is wisdom behind both may Allah make us of the successful in this life and in ...

St Jude Novena Prayer Group request page with thank you messages and Requests to St JUDE FOR Miracles get a miracle for saying novena to st jude thaddeus ...

A prayer you can say for your sister. A sibling is a blessing. Intercede for your sister and bless her today!

“Don't pray when you feel like it. Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it.” ~ Corrie Ten Boom

Key points for Catholics in the fight against the demonic. Eucharist/Confession/Rosary/Sacramentals Catholics are in a privileged position in the battle ...


say a prayer for your family and be blessed. get more inspirational quotes, Bible

Why we must ask for Mary's intercession for all souls, even those who appear to have died in a…

18 Morning Prayers to Use Daily & Start Each Day with God

Prayer for Students Awaiting Exam Results

Prayer for Favour in Court Matters (Legal Battles)

Some people are so foolish that they think they can go through life without the help of the Blessed Mother.

A Prayer to Keep God First This New Year: 12 Verses of Renewal


Next Blessings page

This year, some will discuss/argue politics, and many will be lost in their anger. Whatever the outcome, the nation has reached a frightful point in its ...

I don't think it's that he chooses when to bless u... He always wants to bless us

that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession, was left unaided.


25 Encouraging Scripture Verses for those Facing Struggle

I thank you for Mary, my Heavenly Mother, who intercedes with the holy angels and saints for me.

This prayer is also known as the Mother Teresa Emergency Novena or the Mother Teresa Express Novena. It was the favorite prayer of Blessed ...

Jésus ressuscite la fille de Jaïre - guérison

(1) Starts in Your Soul

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The untold story of the Microsoft antitrust case and what it means for the future of Bill Gates and his company.

There are common themes among the various translations. Let's compare.

God is so much bigger than what some consider being "luck." Luck doesn't involve love. And my friends... this? This has love written all over it.

(This prayer is to be said daily until your request is granted, Be sure to publish thanking Saint Expedite, so that his name and glory will grow.

Chaplain's Welcome

The miraculous story of Claude Newman & his purported conversion through the intercession of the Virgin Mary

This was inspired by a comment from the O'Doud family who suggested that with so many beautiful Irish blessings in existence, we could probably post a ...

Honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary

3 Prayers for Success

"For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgement; ...

Saint ...

Bilocation of St Padre Pio

God bless you for Shepherding God's Flock Pope Francis, and God bless the @POTUS DT and all our Shepherds and Leaders to Lead us in God's ...

Prayers For Good Health

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Release The Blessings Of The Latter Rain

The church isn't even biblical, is it?

Prayer for Favor for those involved in Court Matters (Legal Battles)


... and those who have died in the hope of the resurrection. The preparations themselves are beautiful, as the family bakes traditional foods together.

most of my life. He had been a difficult person to live with and many times he was aggressive to me and to my mother. I could not understand why she stayed ...

Prière de louange pour la libération

Blessings before the Summer Holidays Take time to claim your strength; this is a gift from God. Take time to have fun; it is God's way of teaching you your ...

7 Uplifting Prayers For Your Daughter

Prayers to Our Lord

... Cross: that by the intercession and example of Blessed Hosanna, Thy penitential Virgin, we may become partakers in the Passion of Christ and His glory.

Prayer for After a Job Interview

"And the men rose up from thence, and looked toward Sodom: and Abraham went with them to bring them on the way. And the Lord said, Shall I hide from Abraham ...


The Sheriff went to the condemned man and asked, "Son, what changed your mind?" The prisoner responded, "Remember that black man Claude – the one whom I ...

I have often raised my hand in the silence of the night and in my solitary cell, blessing you all and presenting you to Jesus and to our father, ...

Prayer of the Day

If you are in need of any assistance in your life, if you need a strong and firm hand to guide you in your affairs,

We hope you've had a very Merry Christmas! We are looking forward to praying the next novena with you, and we will announce it soon!

Miki Skelton (35) lives in Savannah, Georgia with her husband, two dogs and two month old son, Charlie, who is their blessing and light of their lives.

Are you pregnant? I'd love to do an expectant mom roll call. Let us know if you are expecting so we can be praying for you.

meme Keep yourself in the love of God

Blessed Virgin Mary1

Why Is Theotokos Honored More than All Saints?

Prayer for Hope and Strength

5 Powerful Prayers for Peace Within

Why You Should Quit Your Job and Travel around the World

According to Catholic tradition, prayers to Saint Anthony were to request his aid particularly in finding lost articles. St. Anthony was known as a great ...

husband emailed me to say that he wanted a separation. The pain that his words caused me cannot be described. I went to the Catholic Cathedral in Jakarta ...


Chaos of War: A Story of Love and Heartache: Donna Marasco: 9781453884003: Amazon.com: Books

St. Matrona of Moscow. A modern icon.

Take a moment to empty your mind of thoughts and find a peaceful place within, then focus on the grace you need and open your heart to God in prayer.

Exam Prayers

It is my privilege to welcome my dear friend Tiffany to ONSEL today. I pray you are blessed and find hope in your wait as you read her story.

A prayer you can pray for your son. | Blaine adventures | Prayer for my son, Prayer for son, Prayers

Jésus chasse le malin

Glory to God for All Things

A Prayer of Blessing for St. Patrick's Day - Your Daily Prayer - March 17

Prayer Request: Post Your Own "Powerful Prayers for Prosperity"

WHF01_-_Tome_of_Blessings.pdf - page 4/50

I learned about Padre Pio through a newsletter called “Pray, Hope, and Don't Worry” which I found in the church vestibule at Good Shepherd parish in San ...

What it means to believe in divine intervention