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Eating fast food is one of lifes little guilty pleasures The

Eating fast food is one of lifes little guilty pleasures The


GettyImages-672997214 A McDonald's restaurant ...

Poor Americans are less likely to eat fast food than middle class Americans

Woman eating fast food alone Does a ...

Fried chicken to Nutella: Top chefs reveal their guiltiest pleasures

Anthony Bourdain has publicly aired his appreciation for fast food (Instagram: taste.by

A female staff works at the counter at a McDonald's branch in Kuala Lumpur. —

Temple of Seitan

Indulging in junk food makes up a large portion of the list (Image: Getty)


Ramsay is a celebrity chef like no other

... tasting, plating food, stressing about every little aspect of the guest experience, yet they don't take five minutes to actually eat themselves,” says ...

A Stressed Man Man Eating Junk Food.

To lose weight, you need to understand the psychology of why you crave the wrong things

1. You Get Cravings Despite Being Full. Symptoms of Food Addiction

How to stop binge eating, according to nutritionist who did

Restaurants pledged to make kids' meals healthier – but the data show not much has changed

There's a lot to be said about fast food, including how terrible the companies are. Photo: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

Guilty pleasure or addiction? Small indulgences can become an obsession.

Now I'm not suggesting that you should never indulge in the occasional fast food meal or enjoy some “guilty pleasures” from the grocery store.


How to Stop Eating Out (And What I Learned Cooking at Home for 30 Days). Eating out has been a ...

Meghan Duchess of Sussex in the Royal Box

MasterChef Junior Judge Aarón Sánchez Talks Cute Kid Cooks and His Fast-Food Guilty Pleasure

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Healthy fast food switches that will surprise you

Guilty Pleasures

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Des Moines certainly offers guilty pleasures. You know, like drinking a craft beer at a movie theater at 10 a.m. on a work day — a direct ticket to hell for ...

Stop Eating Junk Food. Person eating a hamburger

Guilty Pleasures: A Bag of Cheetos

The best vegan junk food in London

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Food at Guilty Pleasure Seoul (Itaewon)

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Fast Food Restaurant.


No one knows for sure, but our best medical hypothesis is that Flamin' Hot Cheetos addiction is actually a kind of mild opiate addiction. Really, opiates.

"There is something childish and conservative about the desire to eat at Boston Pizza or Kelseys or East Side Mario's."Getty Images

The poorest parts of Britain have the highest amounts of fast food outlets

Eating fast food is one of life's little guilty pleasures. The deliciously salty, fatty

But sex and drugs pale when stacked against a true Dutch guilty pleasure — the infamous OLIEBOLLEN. “Oil balls” for the literalist among you.

unhealthy foods Cheetos falling out of a bowl


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January is when many of us set new goals, like eating healthier. It's important to eat well year-round, but we all have our weaknesses – whether it's a ...

Grace Dent: 'The processed food debate is delicious, MSG-sprinkled class war'. Fast food

A Woman Considering Eating a Hamburger.

The Full Nelson

MasterChef Junior Judge Aarón Sánchez Talks Cute Kid Cooks and His Fast-Food Guilty Pleasure

The Symptom Of Abuse Nobody Talks About

The Jack in the Box Taco Is Disgusting and Perfect

It's one thing to list alternatives to comfort-eating when you're stressed, or give some advice for avoiding the lure of quick-and-easy junk food.

Where to Eat and Drink in the Tenderloin

5 Steps to Take Control of Food Addiction

Dan Gentile/Thrillist

Toddler Girl Eating Tomatoes and Broccoli Blue Eyes

Queerphobia never tastes good.

Planet Organic founder Renée Elliot on her guilty pleasures, daily routine and clean eating

Parents constantly struggle when it comes to drawing the line with junk food. If it were left up to the little ones, every meal would be from one ...

The wellness industry thrives on the fear of death

Biff's Jack Shack

21 Guilty Pleasures That Are Hurting Your Bank Account

best vegan snacks and plant-based junk food

Five Guys is a don't miss when it comes to the best chains in the country. Christian Johnston

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Illustration for article titled Why Your Brain Craves Junk Food (and What You Can Do

You Become What You Eat


Paul Dano in Fast Food Nation

The Book of Recipes 5.0 is here and it's our best, most macro-friendly work to date. Be prepared to redefine what “low-calorie” or “dieting” means to you.

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