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Culture Shock in India 16 Things to Expect for First Time

Culture Shock in India 16 Things to Expect for First Time


Culture Shock in India? – 16 Things to Expect for First Time Visitors and Tips

Traffic lights are only suggestions and practically no one follows them. For many western foreigners, this is the first major culture shock ...

Culture Shock in India? - 16 Things to Expect for First Time Visitors and Tips

A typical street in India lined with shops and people with mountains in the background |


India Gate in Delhi

Yellow & blue Indian building in slums with clothes hanging outside | Cultura Obscura Travel Blog

The bustling Chandni Chowk market in India

Indian cow standing on top of a stone bench looking like they own the place |

13 Amazing Things to Do in India

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Culture Shock in India? - 16 Things to Expect for First Time Visitors and Tips for Adjusting

My First Time Experiencing Massive Culture Shock

Reverse Culture Shock and How to Deal with It

*NEW BLOG POST* Culture Shock in India? 16 Things to Expect for First

Two Kinds of Culture Shock. Indian Queue Line C+H

A fruit & vegetable vendor in India | Cultura Obscura Travel Blog #india # cultureshock

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Why I Didn't Experience Culture Shock in India

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Not having a clue what to do in a foreign airport. Wellington airport provided my first exposure to culture shock.

Varanasi – What to Expect in India's Spiritual City

Merlion statue fountain in Merlion Park, Singapore, with Marina Bay Sands in background Singapore

Delhi Travel Tips - things you should know before visiting

what to expect at a yoga retreat in rishikesh india


Culture Shock?

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Italophilia says:

Another thing that Google, or any of the sites that you frequent before getting here will not tell you is that the Dutch love their sandwiches, ...

Copy of new & old passport from the side stuck together due to lack of space

4 Things to know and prepare for a culture shock!

Indian man portrait.

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what to expect at a yoga retreat in rishikesh india

Every time I visit it I realize how much I miss


A city guide for the best things to see and do in New Delhi, India

I was almost overwhelmed when every connecting bus and train that I had to take, was so perfectly on time and so unbelievably clean.

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17 Female Friendly Places to Travel Alone in India

... darting across the street at a red light when there are no cars present while the Austrians dutifully wait for green permission. Expats, expect a few ...

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3. Afternoon Napping..zzzz… On my very first trip ...

... Culture Vulture Delhi, ...

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Afraid To Travel - Bundi, India

But once you get past the initial culture shock, life in India can be quite fun and an enriching experience.

Kuwait is a safe place for most travellers to the Arabian Gulf but respecting the local laws and culture does help you stay out of trouble.

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Gathering information on your host country can minimize the effects of culture shock.

Monkey on top of a bridge in India unfolding food in tinfoil | Cultura Obscura Travel

Is it Safe for Women to Travel India?

New Zealand slang was also something I had to master. The first time somebody said, “sweet as” to me, I thought they were complimenting my body.



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India Tours and Holidays 2019/2020

India gave the world its first university - Takshashila University

Obese woman eating - a culture shock in America

13 Tips to Avoid Culture Shock in India

Wondering what the best places to travel in India alone are? Here are 17 awesome

India tourism

Load&Go China passport 1 (600 x ...

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It's not a big deal, but it kind of is. When you enter somebody's home, don't be surprised if you are politely handed a pair of Hausschuhe to swap your ...

Figure 3.2. How would a visitor from a rural Canadian town act and feel on

Things to do in Delhi, India

Ultimately, it is impossible to guess how many workers at any skill level we will

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what to expect at a yoga retreat in rishikesh india


What you should know about the rupee's slide and what it means for the economy

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But also be sure to time your visit to the Taj Mahal as early in the morning (so you can get a picture with no one else in it). taj mahal india

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Ultimately, traveling this country is what you make of it.

Varanasi - What to expect - How to Get to Varanasi = Local Bus from Gorakphur

Raj Mandir Cinema at night in Jaipur, India

Culture Shock - A Personal Story