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An artists impression of the ichthyosaur Animals Prehistoric

An artists impression of the ichthyosaur Animals Prehistoric


Giant prehistoric monster roamed Scottish waters. A new species ...

An artist's impression of an ichthyosaur munching on a squid.

Artist's impression of Shonisaurus, a giant ichthyosaur.

An artist's impression of the ichthyosaur.

This is an artist's impression of a dark-colored ichthyosaur, mosasaur, and prehistoric

Decoded Science

"Ichthyosaurus" © Phil Wilson - watercolor using airbrush. "

Getting into the head of an ichthyosaur

Ichthyosaurs - artist's impression

Ichthyosaur group by Esther van Hulsen

'Out of Time' Fossil Reveals Ancient Ocean Diversity

TOP PREDATOR: An artist's impression of the ichthyosaur.

Ancient dolphin-like ichthyosaurs may have been wiped out by climate change

Ichthyosaurs. Artists impression of ichthyosaur

Sea Monster Battle Preserved for the Ages


Giant Predatory Ichthyosaur Discovered in Nevada -- a 30' marine air-breather from the Triassic



A monster of the deep - Ichthyosaurus.

Undated handout artist impression issued by University of California at Davis of the amphibious ichthyosaur Cartorhynchus

A letter from the palaeontologist Elizabeth Philpot to Mary Buckland, dated 9 December 1833, containing a sketch of an ichthyosaur skull painted in ink from ...

man-creates-dinosaurs: “ Here's another vintage Victorian De La Rue Christmas Card

Ichthyosaurs (pictured), which were marine reptiles living during the dinosaur age, had

Ichthyosaurus anningae was found in the collections of Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery. University of Manchester

Ichthyosaur Love by EsthervanHulsen ...

Stock Photo - Artist's impression of a Jurassic sea with Ichthyosaur, Plesiosaur and Pterosaur. The Jurassic period was 205-144 million years ago.

This "dolphin shaped ceramic from Eretria, 310 B.C., shares an important morphological characteristic with the ichthyosaurs. Click and drag to resize.

This is an artist's impression of Magyarosuchus fitosi. (Credit: Marton Szabo)

Artist's impression of an Ichthyosaur.

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An artist's impression of a living ammonite

An artist's impression of an Ichthyosaurus.

The sea monster nicknamed Godzilla warns pterosaurs that this meal already is taken (Artist's impression


The new discovery about the 205 million-year-old jaw bone of the prehistoric

This is how the reptile was believed to look but the new finding suggests it would

A scene of dinosaurs as reconstructed by Andrey Atuchin, a paleoartist featured in 'Dinosaur

Baby ichthyosaurus discovered feeding on squid


The fossil was incredibly well-preserved.

Partial skeleton of a young ichthyosaur with stomach contents from the Lower Jurassic of Lyme Regis. Collected by Mary Anning at some time before 1836.

An artist's impression of a pterosaur

ichthyosaur. Artist's impression of an ...


Ancient reptile mystery solved as two extinct species found to be the same


Many thanks to Benjamin Hillier for sending me this one - it's a corker! (Just see how many 'homages' you can spot to classic palaeoart pieces on the cover ...

An artist impression issued by the Public Library of Science of a Dracoraptor hanigani. Photograph

Somerset's Prehistoric Herpetofauna

'Sea monster' skull reveals secrets more than 60 years after its discovery

An excavated Ichthyosaur skeleton. Picture: AFP/PLOS One

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Pregnant ichthyosaur was the largest of its species ever found

Discovery of biggest dinosaur ever hailed by scientists as fossilised bones of Patagotitan unearthed in Argentina

Plesiosaurs inhabited the seas from around 200 million to 65 million years ago. They were

An illustration of plesiosaurs swimming

Galagadon nordquistae life reconstruction.

Artist's impression of the Triassic Period marine reptileÊEretmorhipis carrolldongi, which evolved in a world devastated by the mass extinction event at the ...


The Crystal Palace icthyosaurians in various states of visibility and repair. Top, Leptonectes tenuirostris as photographed in 2018 (I don't have any good ...

Douglas Henderson

Triassic Animals – Discover The Animals That Lived With The Dinosaurs In The Triassic Period

Duria Antiquior - A more Ancient Dorset painted by Henry De la Beche in 1830, is the first artistic representation of a scene of prehistoric life based on ...


Sclerocormus parviceps. Image credit: Da-Yong Jiang.

An artist's impression of the ancient bottom feeder: Atopodentatus unicus.

Artist @jctartstudio ・・・ A pair of #ichthyosaur fossils for a project I

Ichthyosaurus by Felipe Arias

Download figure ...

Paleontology 2018 Recap - Baby spinosaurus, largest dicynodont, warm blooded ichthyosaurus and more : Naturewasmetal

form change in ichtehopods

Artist's impression of a Dimetrodon

UK's largest 200 million-year-old ichthyosaurus to star in new gallery at Birmingham Science Museum

1862 British prehistoric marine reptiles - Stock Image - C008/8206 - Science Photo Library

The Dinosaurs are back!

Iconic Jurassic sea predator, the ichthyosaur, was warm blooded, had blubber and was

Dinosaurs In Literature, History and Art: Debunking the "150 Million Year Old Reptile" Ichthyosaur Mythology
Extinct for 95 Million Years, Maybe Not!

Artist's impression of Tutusius at Waterloo Farm by Maggie Newman

Artist's impression of Jurassic seas. Credit: Nikolay Zverkov

Ichthyosaur died young, but with a full belly

Artist's impression of Atopodentatus Courtesy of Wang Yu, Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoantropology

cretaceous period animals

Blue #Ichthyosaurs. #WorkInProgress - - - #Ichthyosaur #Stenopterygius #marinereptile #notadinosaur #dinosaurs #dinosaur #dinosaursofinstagram ...

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The fossil crocodyliform skull (front) acquires

Ancient Marine Reptiles 1st Edition

A family of ichthyosaurs (Cryopterygius kristiansenae) having a good day riding the waves EsthervanHulsen.deviantart.com on @deviantART