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Abram Games Army Cadet Force Exhibition 1944 Abram Games

Abram Games Army Cadet Force Exhibition 1944 Abram Games


Abram Games 'Army Cadet Force Exhibition', 1944

A talkative British soldier in bed in hospital revealing secrets to a listening German soldier under

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The controversial 'Blonde Bombshell' ATS poster, pictured, was designed by Abram Games

Abram Games 'Army Education Scheme will prepare you for your return to civil life'

This 1943 poster by Mr Games shows a child in a coffin after playing with a

Object Title. Army Cadet Force - Exhibition

1945 Abram Games, Ww2 Posters, Creative Review, Online Collections, Get In Shape

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Abram Games 'If He Should Fall is Your Blood There to Save Him? The

Abram Games 'Education new knowledge new worlds new pleasures', ...

Colour lithograph by A. Games, ca. 1950.

Graphic artist Mr Games, who was the official British war poster designer from 1942 to

Abram Games 'Army, the worthwhile job', ...

Colour lithograph after A. Games, 1941.

One of the most striking posters produced by Mr Games was this appeal for clothing for

vintagepromotions:"Night & Day Brush the Cobwebs Away" poster Poster design by Abram Games.

Pictured is Mr Games' poster recruiting volunteers to enlist the Royal Armoured Corps, created

... Abram Games, 1943. IMAGE Wellcome Collection, Europeana. A clock, indicating the urgency of the need for blood-donors. Colour lithograph

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Clean, freshly ironed clothes hanging up, and a clean body under a shower. Colour lithograph after A. Games, 1941.

Another poster by Mr Games warned against soldiers playing around with their weapons for fear they

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Abram Games 'RAMC Parachute Units', 1944

Mr Games did not just produce recruitment posters and went on to create a range with

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Ashley, 1939

Abram games poster for model railway exhibition 1951 festival of Britain Book Posters, Poster Ads

A Postmark Betrayed this H.Q.

Artist Unknown, 1940 ca

Abram Games, 1st class.

2012 Sprint Football Guide

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Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen

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The art of persuasion: Wartime posters by Abram Games | National Army Museum Abram Games

Salvage is Vital in Conserving out Shipping

Mr Games also designed this poster from 1942 that encouraged Brits to grow their own food

Abram Games 'The Way Ahead', 1944

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"For whatever deserves to exist deserves also to be known, for knowlege is the image of existence and things mean and splendid exist alike.

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Mr Games striking posters were used to hammer home the message that talking about troop and


A clock, indicating the urgency of the need for blood donors. Colour lithograph by

Media by nam_london: This iconic poster was one of the first that renowned designer Abram

Lot 136A

Danger Bombs Grenades Abram Games WWII, 1940s - original vintage poster by Abram Games (Abraham Gamse) listed on AntikBar.co.uk

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Games, Abram Army ...

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The head of a wounded soldier, tense with pain, and blood being transfused;

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Long to Reign Over Us

... Abram Games, open now. Media by nam_london

West Point Cadet Dies in Accident Near Summer Training Camp

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Personal Cleanliness [2]

Ashley, 1939

Armed soldiers take part at a military parade - Stock Image

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Battle of the Bulge[edit]

Remarkable Lives First Day Cover

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U.S. Plans More Than $2 Billion in Weapons Sales to Taiwan, Angering Beijing

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Oct. 10, 1957 - Passing out Parade at the ''Saidhurst''

Troy Record newspaper archives

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Another warning poster from 1943 designed by Mr Games told the public to avoid going near

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A member of the Army's 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) holds an American flag as he stands next to the POW/MIA flag before a service for U.S. ...

Head of a woman soldier, a member of the ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service). Colour lithograph after Abram Games, 1944.

World's Fair of Avation. Army Air Force ...

Media by nam_london: It's #InternationalNursesDay, a day to give recognition to the tireles


Patton pins a Silver Star Medal on Private Ernest A. Jenkins, a soldier under his command, October 1944

Course 78 - Section 1

General David Petraeus

Games, Abram

Service members with the 8th Theater Sustainment Command observe construction of trenches at the Kaneohe Bay